You are required to work on this joint assignment as a ‘full service’ advertising agency.

You are required to work on this joint assignment as a ‘full service’ advertising agency.

You are to imagine that you have received a brief from a client organisation and have to produce a fully reasoned customer/market analysis and integrated marketing communications strategy & detailed plan for the consumer launch in the UK of a new product.

A new small car from a leading company to compete with vehicles like the Citroen C1.

It is vital that you use and apply market research data to your work. Therefore check it is readily available for the type of product you are working on. Before you finally commit yourselves to an idea check out TGI Netquest, KeyNote & Mintel. Please note that you are not expected to carry out any original primary research.

you should report back on:
1. The importance of a complete and detailed communications plan
2. SMART marketing and marketing communications objective in particular
3. Latest developments in marketing communications planning
4. Effective methods of measuring and controlling progress against the marketing communications plan

must include
1. A critical analysis of the information and the presentation of a coherent and justified plan
2. The ability of the group to persuade the marker that any recommendations could be implemented feasibly within the workplace
3. Excellent short and long Harvard Referencing

Referencing Requirements:
must include the below. NO non-academic websites

Published books and newspaper articles on Marketing Communications Plans, e.g Belch, G and Belch, M (2011). Advertising and Promotion: an integrated marketing communications perspective. Global edition, 9th edition, McGraw Hill, New York.

Ouwersloot, H and Duncan, T (2008). Integrated Marketing Communications (8th edition, European edition). McGraw Hill, London.

Pickton, D and Broderick, A (2001). Integrated Marketing Communications. Pearson Education, Essex, England.

High ranked academic journals in this area. The Association of Business Schools journal ranking guide is useful. Here is a link: