Wooden Chairs

Project description

Put yourself in the position of a company producing Wooden Chairs.

The assignment asks you to prepare a briefing paper for your organisation/firm to brief the Board of Directors about an environmental or social issue that is of relevance to your firm/sector. The focus is your firm and specific social or environmental improvements that you need to argue for.

You are writing for management, so you should aim to keep your paper as brief as possible, consistent with providing the most important information only. You should keep your explanation non-technical, but you must explain inter-dependencies which may exist and the reasons for your predictions. An executive summary is often a useful device when briefing senior people and must be included at the beginning of your paper.

The briefing paper should cover the following with an emphasis on the last 2 aspects:

a brief summary of the pertinent issues in the environmental or social debate as you see

them affect the firm in the future;

a succinct characterisation of the main environmental or social effects of your firm;

a persuasive, detailed and thought-through programme of improvement, outlining

clearly the costs and benefits of the proposed actions. This is the main task.

an outline of how the programme affects the business, and identify key milestones towards

its implementation.

Please do not describe all environmental or social aspects of the product across its life-cycle, but only consider what your company can realistically control to be part of the improvement programme. It is in the nature of briefing papers for a management audience that academic references are often sparse and only there to support specific arguments made in the text. To keep within the spirit of this exercise, it is not essential to use academic references extensively. However, the provenance of external data or arguments needs to be assured, of course.

Your paper should be no more than 3500 words, including an executive summary. The word limit will be adhered to strictly. The Company Report must be submitted via SurreyLearn.