Weather & Climate discussion questions

Write a short summary (it can be a few sentences as long as it covers the question) with your perspective of weeks 6-7 Discussion Topics. There are two discussion questions per week. Please combine the summaries for each week onto a single word document & put the responses right underneath the questions.
DQ1 – Suppose while up on a mountain ridge, a thunderstorm passes overhead. Explain what would be the best thing to do and why when it comes to a decision of standing, crouching, or lying down.
What should you do if you are with a group of people? What about jewelry, metal piercings, metal objects in your pockets, etc? Suppose there is a rock outcrop with a shallow cave. Should you stand, crouch, or lie down in the shallow cave?
DQ2 – Explain why the ocean surface water temperature is usually cooler after the passage of a hurricane (hint: The answer is not because the hurricane extracts heat from the water).
DQ1 – This course is named Weather and Climate but we haven’t said much about the climate part of the course. Explain to me what controls climate and basically how are they determined and classified.
DQ2 – Research a topic that you are interested in from the remaining chapters not covered in the course and post your findings. Try to look into chapter 19 or the last chapter in the textbook to find something that is interesting.