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According to our textbook, highlight #10, about 75,000 vitamins and mineral supplements are on the market and 40% of US adults take them regularly.  In 150 words or more in paragraph form, discuss the arguments for and against taking them.
Questions to Answer and What I Expect:

Give at least 2 arguments in favor and at least 2 arguments opposed to taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
In your opinion, why do so many people take vitamin and mineral supplements?   
Tell us if you take them and why or why not.  If you don’t take nutritional supplements, interview someone who does and tell us what their motivations are.
Finally, from your own experience, tell us if you think they are a good idea. 

What I expect:

Answer every part of the question above with insight and analysis.   
Defend your statements with at least three references, including at least one from the textbook (Highlight 10), using APA style.  Follow APA style for references. Help with APA style can be found on pantherweb under library tips and tutorials: