Unit 5: Changing Socially Significant Behavior Through Behavior Modification Applied Behavior Analysis Unit 5 discussion Readings For this unit, you will reread in your Applied Behavior Analysis text: · Chapter 3: “Selecting and Defining Target Behaviors” Also, in the section starting with the heading: Social Validity: Assessing the Applied Value of Behavior Changes and the Treatments That Accomplish Them, read: · Chapter 10: “Planning and Evaluating Applied Behavior Analysis Research” · Discussion · Before behavior analysts can choose behaviors to target or programs to put in place to address behaviors, they must first complete a behavior assessment. For this Discussion question: 1. First state and define the five phases of behavior assessment. 2. Pick two of the five phases and discuss in your own words: a. What a behavior analyst is supposed to do during the phase b. Why it is included in behavior assessment One of the main goals of ABA is to modify and change behaviors that are detrimental to an individual’s growth, development, and/or functioning. You have already practiced defining target behaviors. Now you will work on deciding the appropriate behavior to target. For this part of the Discussion, identify a socially significant behavior and discuss the following: 3. Why is this particular behavior socially significant? 4. How is the presence of this behavior detrimental to your client’s life? 5. How does eliminating this behavior help to improve your client’s life?