The play achieves its social message through a contrast of presenting  various points of view about the uprising/riots. Looking back through  the actual script I posted, or remembering the film, can you find  specific pairs of characters whose points of view contrast with one  another? Please describe how these characters’ perspectives on the riots  contrast (you may juxtapose as many pairs as you like, but the  important thing is to be specific and explain HOW they contrast, as  thoroughly and specifically as you can), and then try to explain where  the author’s own viewpoint lies, in relation to these characters. What  is HER point of view? What is she trying to tell her audience? Does she  seem to sympathize with some characters more than others? How so? How  can you tell? You may feel free to reference the actual video we saw,  but I expect you to have read through the script as well. Use specific  quotations to support your point of view.