Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Paper instructions:
Assignment 2

Scott Berkun’s book, The Myths of Innovation, holds that many of the popular
images of how innovation works do not hold up when scrutinized closely. He
examines ten innovation stereotypes, and demonstrates how they generally do not hold true.

Consider the following four well-known innovations:

a. Apple’s iPod
b. The Internet
c. The zipper
d. Viagra

Show how each of these innovations were achieved contrary to innovation
stereotypes. For each of these innovations, discuss how at least four of Berkun’s
listed stereotypes do not hold true. Dedicate at least 250 words to your response for each


In order to respond to this question, you will need to do some background research, using the

Internet, in order to get your facts straight.

Note:  Request this assinment be written at the Graduate (Masters) Level.