Soil density practical:

Soil density practical:


2) Red dry sand (Block paving sand) with a very light orange color. Particle sizes are not longer than 0.5mm. Smaller aggregate particles, they take up about 5-7% of

the soil and they are not longer than 1mm.

4) volume of the soil:

5) using M(mass of the soil)=900g and volume of the soil: 630ml
dry bulk density is calculated in Mg/m3:


?900×10?^(-6)/(630×?10?^(-6) )=1.43Mg/m^3

10) Repeating step 5-8 ten times gave us the following results:

Readings    Volume of soil recorded (ml)
1    620
2    640
3    635
4    645
5    635
6    640
7    640
8    640
9    650
10    650

11) To calculate the minimum dry density we used the biggest volume of the soil from the readings that we found: 650ml and using M(mass of the soil)= 900g
?_dmin  M/V

(900×?10?^(-6))/(650×?10?^(-6) )=1.38Mg/m^3

13) Weight of the proctor mould: 3.41kg

14) The volume of the proctor mould was give to us during the lab which was 1Litre.

20) The weight of the Proctor mould and compacted soil: 5.18kg

22) bulk density calculated:



23) Maximum dry density: