Sociological Analysis of a Social Problem

Sociological Analysis of a Social Problem

In the process of completing the project, you have acquired some basic skills in applying sociological theories/concepts to analyze social phenomena and events. Now, you will develop a small

research paper on a social problem using secondary sources applying at least two sociological perspectives. The purpose of this exercise is to help you become familiar with library research

tools and improve your capability in using secondary data. You can choose any social problembut you must get my approval before you set out gathering materials for your paper.

Social problems are usually urban in nature, including drug, crime, transportation, unemployment, problems in family and marriage, environmental issues, racial/ethnic conflict, residential

segregations, gender inequality, aging and other problems related to demographic changes, unequal educational system, uneven development, poverty, unequal health care system, etc.

Your paper must include the following components, but you do not need to follow the exact order in writing.

1.    Introduction:
a.    What is your research question?
b.    Why do you select this topic?
c.    What is your initial hypothesis? Why?
2.    Literature review (cite at least 5 sources excluding the textbook):
a.    What are the explanations offered by scholars? Or,
b.    How do scholars explain the phenomenon?
3.    Discussion:
a.    Is your hypothesis supported?
b.    If your hypothesis is supported, discuss how it is supported by other studies.
c.    If it is not supported, discuss the possible reasons. What does it suggest?
4.    Conclusion:
a.    Discuss the implications and limitations of your research.
b.    Suggest your future research plans.