Should tablet computer replace the traditional Textbook

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Title :Should tablet computer replace the traditional Textbook


I. Opener Building on Areas of Agreement

easy to save and good .

II. Statement of persuasive Claim

So today ,I would like to persuade you to consider the tablet As an alternative to traditional books.

III. Preview

There are many reason why we should replace traditional textbook by tablet computer.

First, Cost efficiency .

second ,Back health of student .

third , tablet help student to be success .

last, Tablets computers are environmentally friendly

Transition : Many of you might be ..


I. Cost .

A. EBook cost less than textbook.

No books tablets are more cost efficiency from text book . Put statistic or comparing

B. Student needs.

Student when he bay textbook he needs pens, note, calculator ,and computer

Transition : Another reason why tablets computers should completely replace textbooks


II. Back health of student

Tablets benefit student back health .The average weight of backpack ..

Student should not carry more then

Doctors say that

Tablet has fixed weight no mater amount of ebook inside it .

Transition :

III. Tablet help student to be success .

Textbook has zero interaction ,tablet has lots of app that can help student to study .for example

Transition : The last reason why notebook computers are better than textbooks is because they are more environmentally friendly.


IIII. Tablets computers are environmentally friendly.

According to Sasha Disher (2014) USA cat .. millions of trees for textbook

Counter argument :( Transition )

I .

Respond :




Respond :


I. So ,I hope I have convinced you to .

II. Final remark: It is time for the whole world to take the step into the 21st century of technology.

YOU can change the Transition to make it better.

be a free to contact me any time, I am helping myself when I help you to make it better .


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