Retrieval Medicine in Paramedics area( Case study 2)

Retrieval Medicine in Paramedics area( Case study 2)

Project description
Case Study 2
Subject: Retrieval Medicine in Paramedic field.

Note that I provide lectures, you have to read them to understand the Retrieval Medicine

The following is Case study of Retrieval Medicine in Paramedic field, Note please should the writer professional in Paramedics field :

They are worth 50% of your unit mark and therefore are important in terms of the learning process associated with the unit.

The questions following the cases are designed to stimulate Clinical and Situational awareness in the aeromedical retrieval environments and are

based on an expectation of a high-level clinical knowledge foundation.

Stimulating and enhancing your clinical understanding and developing your clinical thinking and application are an underlying goal.

It is assumed that you are a clinical member of the Aeromedical Team.

? The assignment should be use an acceptable academic referencing system where necessary and not old more than 7 years ( 2008 – 2014)
? Use of bullets is acceptable to summarize pertinent points and information to save on word count.
? The total word count for all submissions should not exceed 1000 words plus or minus 20%
? Line spacing should be 1.5
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Pre-Hospital Cases:
Case 2:
A 22-year-old female working at a dairy farm in a country town has been kicked in the chest and abdomen by a large bull.
She is complaining of dyspnea and abdominal pain, but remains alert.
The paramedic crew arrives about 15 minutes prior to your arrival, and reports the following:
• GCS 15
• No Loss of Consciousness
• Cold & Clammy
• Flail segment on right lateral chest wall with dyspnea.
• Rigid abdomen in all quadrants with visible hoof mark over umbilicus.
• NIBP: 90/60 (Usually 120/75)
• Pulse: 120 beats/min
• Spo2: 93 %, High Concentration Oxygen Mask

Relevant Information
Aircraft option: Rotary wing with a flight time of 30 min.
Ground resources: 1 Paramedic Ambulance (Not critical care/MICA/ICP).
Retrieval Options: Trauma center 30 min by air.

Other: No reported hazards on scene with a wide, flat paddock 30m away; time of incident to your arrival is less than one hour.


2.1: Describe the clinical picture you could possibly derive from the given information and what instructions would you give the attending paramedic

crew prior to your arrival, if any?

2.2: What is your clinical plan and initial management? Also briefly highlight any potential clinical deterioration that may be encountered?

2.3: Describe how you will notify the receiving hospital of your planned arrival and how they might prepare for your arrival.