Negotiating a Maze

Negotiating a Maze

Project instructions:
Project A: Negotiating a Maze

Goal: Design a maze, a robot, and a strategy for negotiating a maze that complies with the IEEE Micromouse competition and a robot that costs less than $200 (Not Literal In Your Head Or On Paper)

For autonomous, intelligent robots to perform effectively, they need to be able to determine their location within their environment (using a function called localization). Even with a map, this can be a difficult task. Robots have two information sources about their location?sensors and motor outputs. Both of these sources can be noisy and contain errors. Even a small error in the motor output can lead to large errors in position. Think of one wheel being slightly out of alignment?the vehicle can steer to one side and quickly end up distant from the intended straight path. Sensors are limited in distance and distinguishing multiple events.

Bellow is Report 1 Instructions:

Refer to the project requirements below for more information about what Report 1 should contain. You need to work with your group to prepare for this report and submit to the instructor. The instructor will give you feedback on it. You might need to adjust the problem statement and the project direction after this week.


Report 1 is two parts:

Part 1: Describe a professional organization or association(this would be the location of the competition) This is worth 40 points
5 for each of the following: Name, Date founded, Location of HQ, Mission/purpose, Services provided, Membership cost, Why student chose organization, and additional piece of information about the organization.

Part 2: Talk about the bellow items in relation to the Micromouse Competition that you created.

Strategy that can help get through the maze

Everything else besides the maze and the robot can be made up as long as its very well inputted into the paper and is described well.