needs assessment and learner analysis

Conduct a needs assessment and learner analysis of the target audience. MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS PARENTS IN THE MILITARY. My teaching program title is “THE EFFICACY of EARLY IMMUNIZATION

Note. A needs assessment is a systematic process to acquire an accurate, thorough picture of the strengths and opportunities for improvement in an organization. This includes an examination of the learners, stakeholders, and organization. The results can create an effective instructional plan that responds to the organization’s academic needs.

Write a paper that discusses the results of your needs assessment and learner analysis. Address the following questions:
• Who or what must be changed?
• What is currently in place? Why does it need to be changed?
• Is instruction the most appropriate means for bringing out the desired change?
• What is the solution to be developed and implemented?
• Who is your learner? What are their characteristics?
• What prior knowledge of the topic does the learner have?
• What is their motivation?
• What delivery method will you use to address a learner’s needs?
• Where will the education take place?
• Are there any non-instructional needs related to the instructional environment?