Meanwhile, as a smart individual, they should figure out by now that the Facebook and other social media are not the right places to vent their frustration or brag out their job. Furthermore, social media is not a large community as people might think; people add friends, co-worker, and people with the same interest to follow them. It’s not by far a larger place to hide. People can put two and two together to figure out who they are and where they work. As a professional nurse, stop and think before you tweet; for your sake and for the sake of the patient who trusted you with his/her life. Think of your professional dignity that comes with the profession of caring for people. If this doesn’t work for you, then think of your colleagues, your patient, and your boss as potential readers.  Yes, hospital managers are looking over everyone’s shoulders now and having close eye on what might put their reputation and money at risk. Guess what!! Courts are taking sides with employers and I don’t blame them, do you?