Legal rights and law

Legal rights and law

. “The Law, he thinks, should be accessible to every man and at all times…” – Franz Kafka, “Before the Law” (1937)

The legal system can be considered quintessentially democratic, although not necessarily egalitarian if the competence and the means to make use of this access to governmental authority is not equally distributed.” – Frances Zemans, “Political Mobilization,” 693 (1983)

.Is the promise of legal equality for all an attainable ideal?

. Identify at least three factors that influence the variable capacity of individual citizens to understand and mobilize law effectively (or ineffectively) on behalf of their rights.

. explain how it impacts a citizen’s ability to mobilize law on his or her own behalf and assess the significance of this factor on a citizen’s ability to mobilize law.

Drawing on your discussion of the factors that impact a citizen’s ability to understand and mobilize law, to what extent is the claim that “legal equality is an attainable ideal” true?

: “To what extent” requires a nuanced evaluation of the claim that legal equality for all is an attainable ideal.