Introduction to Human Service

1. Written in APA style- appropriate referencing within the body of the paper.
2. Double spaced and 12 font only
3. Margins no larger than one inch for any part of the page( top, bottom, left and right)
4. There should be no running headings at the top of pages
5. 4 to 6 pages in length this total count does not include the separate title and works cited pages ( an abstract is nor required for this paper)
6. At least four reference sources listed on the works cited page, these can include the text book, other source books, journal articles and or websites( no more than


Possible topics for the paper:

* Choose one topic of discussion from the text book and do a more in depth study of this particular issue. Also identify how this topic effects or influences you life

and why you choose it.
* Choose a current even issues that is directly effected by or directly effects, area of human services. Then attempt to analyze this even/ behavior expressing what

services best would address it. Also explain why you choose this particular issue and your connection to the identified problem.

Topics you can choose from or any you would like
1 child abuse
2 Domestic violence
3 Drug Abuse
4. Homosexuality
5. Illegal alien
6 Sexual behavior
7. Social Work and Family Issues
8. The foster care system
9. Cultural Competence

Course Materials
Text Theory, Practise and trends and human servies second edition by ED Keukrug ISBN 1285901282 or

Services/dp/0840028563 thats book.