International marketing

International marketing

For this paper: You are a buying and marketing manager in a popular fashion brand. For some months, your fashion brand has been facing the ongoing problem of the counterfeiting of its goods by small companies. In addition to the financial losses, counterfeiting is causing a loss to the image of the brand.


The director asks you to explore the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Web site to outline how the CBP protects against counterfeit goods entering the U.S. commerce. She guides you by asking you to find the “Newsroom” on top bar, and type, CBP Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Part 1 into the search field in the gray search newsroom for: box.

Further, she suggests that you should prepare a proposal aimed at addressing the problem of the counterfeiting of the products of your retail house. Therefore, your proposal should:


1: Select a fashion brand and justify the reasons why you think the brand needs counterfeiting protection.

2: Describe how CBP can assist the counterfeiting problem of your selected brand.

3:Include the barriers and benefits of seeking assistance from the CBP.

4:Suggest a process that, if it is adopted by your selected brand, can ensure that its products are not copied.

5:Identify the expected results of adopting the process you suggested.

6:Justify why you think the process that you have suggested is foolproof or not.

There is only 6 questions/Requirement for this paper, PLEASE make sure that you are not omitting any of them.