Initial Post: hanks for informing me, the appropriate social psychological theor

Initial Post:
hanks for informing me, the appropriate social psychological theory of health applications in the Coronavirus pandemic is the health belief model. It can influence compliance to the containment measures of preventing the rapid spread of coronavirus because it is relevant in disease prevention programs. The health belief model explains and predicts changing patterns surrounding health behaviors. Hence, its wide usage. Awareness about coronavirus’s direct effects can pressurize people to be more vigilant on the containment measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, observing proper hygiene, and avoiding crowded places.
The health belief model’s theoretical constructs are based on cognitive psychology theories. Mental processes propose that behavior is a function of how human beings value results and evaluate expectations. When people assess risks developing from coronavirus subjectively, the process is called perceived susceptibility. Individuals who believe in their susceptibility to emerging health problems are cautious in their behaviors to reduce exposure to risks. Coronavirus spreads faster among individuals with low perceived susceptibility because their denial exposure to the risks contributes to careless actions. Furthermore, some individuals acknowledge their possible exposure to health risks but consider them unlikely.
The perceived threat is a combination of perceived susceptibility and perceived severity. People’s perceptions about particular health conditions depend on their knowledge about the causes and effects. Individuals who strictly follow the guidelines of preventing risky illnesses need to identify the value of their efforts to avoid being influenced negatively by others.  Individuals’ assessment of the barrier to behavior change is a perceived barrier. Obstacles such as poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and inappropriate research hinder people from engaging in health promotion behaviors regardless of their risk awareness.
Colleagues Answer:
I get mentally stimulated by our course information as well. You saw evidence of this in another class (613) where I steered off course. I think this is a great side effect. Kudos to our instructors for initiating a plethora of ideas. Thank you.
The differences in health models we applied to the pandemic do make me wonder about the applicability of each model according to individual personalities. Perhaps all three should be incorporated simultaneously?
Would people seek out the best model accordingly just as people seek out news articles that support their ideology? With some of the public rejecting the science-based information gathered and choosing to seek out anything that they felt negated the facts, what if all the messages had been presented in a more cohesive manner. I think there were a lot of missed opportunities for political and religious leaders to help our country have better outcomes.

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