History Book: Art through the Ages 3rd Edition

History Book: Art through the Ages 3rd Edition


After readingChapter 13 “Europe and America, 1870-1900”

Choose two paintings from Ch13.One should be anexample of Impressionism and the other an example of Post-Impressionism.

Write a 1-page paper that addresses the following:

•    Identify the 2 pieces(20 points)
o    Title of the work
o    Medium used to create the work
o    Dimensions (size) of the work
o    Artist’s name, if known
o    Page number where it’s found in the textbook.

•    Compare and contrast the style of the 2 two works. What are the distinctly different characteristics that indicate whether the work is an example of Impressionism or an example of

Post-Impressionism?Describe the elements such as color, light, subject, and brushstrokes.(20 points)

•    Include and underline 5 vocabulary words from the textbook.  These must be words that are specific to art history. Use them correctly in a way that makes their meaning clear. Be sure

not to use words that are proper nouns orcommon terms.(10 points)