HD1 the class is Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Leadership

HD1  the class is Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Leadership

Instruction: Please answer all the following questions. Please be concise and to the point.  How to submit: Please use the provided answer sheet (downloadable from

Canvas). Save your work either as Microsoft Word document (.doc), or rich text format (.rtf), and submit it via the File Upload function of Canvas. You shall name your

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My name: 1. Share with us your educational background and current position. Please report the date you were admitted into the HDL program if you are currently in the

HDL program  If you are not in the HDL program, pleaser report your current major
My answer:
My educational background includes : History B
My current position is

studying Master of Human development and leadership
Date admitted into the HDL program: 2012 Full semester
2. Share with us the kind(s) of community in which you grew up and currently live (i.e., large city, suburb, small town, rural area, neighborhood):
My answer:
I grew up

in Saudi Arabia  in large city3. Share with us your social class as you grew up. Describe the kinds of jobs held and level of education of those who raised you. What

were the social class levels of your neighbors? Did you and your family experience upward and/or downward social mobility?
My answer: 4. Please describe your

racial/ethnic, and religious background. How important were these aspects of your identity to you as you grew up? How have they shaped your values and goals?
My answer:

5. Please explain any advantages and disadvantages you have experienced in society due to your wealth, gender, and cultural background. How have these advantages and

disadvantages affected you at school, at work, and/or in the larger community?
My answer: 6. What are your goals in taking this course?
My answer:
the course is

Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Leadership
7. How would you describe your way of learning?
My answer: 8. Do you have any comments/suggestions that you want to share with the instructor?
My answer: 9. Please type

in a second means of communication if the instructor cannot reach you via your preferred email (for example: your phone number & best time to call).
My answer: 10. What

are the total study hours you have for all your courses (per week)? List those study hours by days of the week. (For example, I usually study PSY101 from 9:00pm to

10:00pm for one hour every Monday. I study BIO102 from 8:00am to 9:00am for one hour every Tuesday.)
My answer: 11. What are the total study hours you have for this

particular course (per week)? List your study hours for this course by days of the week.
My answer: