future crisis


future crisis

The DRP (Documented Research Project) will consist of an extended argument on an issue-oriented “future crisis” topic, similar to the issues portrayed in Programs #10-13. To produce your final

draft, you will:

1) Consult at least five secondary sources (periodicals, newspapers, journals, book, internet sources?even interviews); your final draft must present material from at least five sources! You may,

of course, cite more than five sources!

2) Develop your argument in at least five pages, demonstrating the elements of argumentation: position statement/claim; justification/validation of claim; inductive examples to provide
evidence; concession/counter-argument; and conclusion. Your final draft may run longer than five pages!

3) Demonstrate your mastery of the Modern Language Association?s style (MLA) of parenthetical documentation as presented in the Practical Argument, and the Rules for Writers or
Easy Writer texts (see the “Readings” section for section and page numbers).