Family Business

Family Business

Subject: Business
The paper can either be:
a) A “field study” on a real family organization (family business or family office) that you have access to, whether it is your own family’s or someone else’s

b)“Library” research (based on public sources) on one of the following:
• Publicly traded family business, e.g. Viacom, Reliance
• Private family firm where a lawsuit has brought about public court records about it, e.g.Pritzker, Mondavi
• Publicly traded family office, e.g. Wendel (France)
• Family foundation (which have some mandatory filings)
Examples of suitable paper topics include:
• Family relationships driving corporate finance / strategy decisions. E.g. Samsung’s Family feud, Breakup of Reliance (India) or Pritzker (U.S.) business groups as a result of family feuds: how much value was destroyed?

• Family-led buyouts in the U.S. cable TV industry: Cox, Cablevision

• Families tunneling money away from minority investors: Parmalat (Italy), Hollinger

• Analysis of the evolution of the voting premium in a dual-class company around a family or corporate event: Roche (Switzerland)

• Value creation in Investor, the Wallenberg family’s business group (Sweden): Comparing the whole with the sum of its parts

• Ownership, control, business or family-related issues that your own family business is going through. E.g. management succession, ownership transition, valuation, compensation