Expo 2020 and Dubai’s Economy

write is about Dubai’s Expo 2020. A lot of discussion has been going on about this trend and how it will effect Dubai and the UAE economy. Areas the writer could include are:

1. History of the world Expo 2020

2. Employment opportunities for UAE nationals and expat

3. Employment rate and job opportunities

4. Effect on population

5. Immigrate movement

6. Industry and business

7. Dubai’s current debit (will it increase or decrease)

8. Effect on industry

9. Effect on oil price

10. Partnership and co-operation

11. Investment opportunities

12. Effect on real-estate

The paper needs to include some of the economic theories and economist opinion and conclude weather this trend will effect the economy of Dubai negatively or positively. A list of readings during class wear provided and the writer need to reference some of them. Also data analysis published from organizations such as Institution of International Finance (IFF) could be included. For example, they were arguing how the trend is increasing and will continue increasing Dubai’s Debt from it being $142 billion in 2012 to $168.5 billon by 2020.