Effective administration and performance

Effective administration and performance
Wingtip toys in Queens, New York
As a junior network administrator of Wingtip toys a great manufacturing company in Queens, New York, am supposed to assist the company in attaining effective administration and performance. The company is contemplating migrating from using windows server 2003 to windows server 2008. Therefore, it is my responsibility to assist in providing the senior management with detailed analysis for this new upgrade. Companies do have multiple reasons for software and hardware change and upgrade. Microsoft is the core manufacturer of most computer software and provides a support lifecycle for all software. However, I do recommend that the company should upgrade the software before the lifecycle has completely ended to ensure continuous stability of the company activities. For instance, Wingtip should shift to using windows server 2008 as the main operating system especially while running certificate authorities. The decision on whether to upgrade or migrate from one environment to another relies on the features and role services that the company wishes to implement as well as the efficiency of the current environment. It is for these reasons that Wingtip Toy Company has made a decision to upgrade its environment from using windows server 2003 to windows server 2008 (Paul, 2012).
In the development of an analysis for the new upgrade from windows server 2003 to windows server 2008 it is required that attention is drawn to the infrastructure required for the upgrade as well as the benefits that the upgrade will have on wingtip toys. Therefore a SWOT analysis that provides details on Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and Threats is the first item I will prepare as the junior network administrator to guide Wingtip toys on the upgrade plans. This will closely be followed by ways of implementing and managing the new software to ensure its fully utilized for the benefit of the company as a whole. The management of the upgrade plan will call for continuous monitoring of the servers in the company and in all departments to ensure the upgrade is a success. Rather than continuous monitoring, proper usage of profiling tools will be an added advantage to the management process. To further ensure that the new server is the best option for the company and make sure it performs at its optimal level it is essential to pay attention to the connectivity protocols, such as VPN, file and print services. As an analysis it will also be required that attention is drawn to internet connectivity, central management of the network resources as well as the ability of the network to meet the needs of the company employees for effective performance.
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis acts as a clear comparison between the windows server 2003 and windows server 2008 thus assisting wingtip toys to make an easier decision regarding the need for the server upgrade.
Strengths Windows server 2008 differs from 2003 in multiple ways:
• Internet information services
Windows server 2008 provides an opportunity for customization hence making it more flexibility extensive.
Has the ability to delegate administration
Contains strong troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
• Improved internet system
Has improved security systems hence reduced external attacks caused by customization
Free from xcopy deployment
2008 application is approved by Windows Communication Foundation Services because it has integrated health management and applications.
Contains improved management tools
• DNS Server role
Windows server 2008 contain DNS 2008 which assists in the operating system
Thus providing full IPV6 configuration
The server has the ability to be compatible with other domain software
Has adequate support for incremental zone essential for increasing communication among users or employees.
• Self hearing systems
Windows server 2008 contains self hearing file system that assists in the management of intrusive and disruptions that may exist in the windows systems thus making it possible to monitor the entire file system efficiently and reliably.
• Windows firewall
Windows server 2008 operating systems provides an advanced firewall because the firewall and the internet protocol are managed and stored in the same tool making it possible to maintain an advanced security management console.
Weaknesses • Cost is the main weakness of windows 2008 server because upgrading a server will all call for changing of licenses, and at times may also require a faster processor and memory that the company did not have.
• There will be need for a new vendor because the previous vendor is likely to uninstall al the previous features and roles that were customized for the company. A new third party vendor may not only be more expensive but may limit other privileges provided by older vendors.
• Virtualization is another key weakness. The server relies on the hyper-V concept which depends on VMware. Therefore, the server will still not provide the company with the opportunity to be virtual even with the growing market size and economy.
Opportunities • Windows server 2008 is an advanced server that can assist the company in gaining competitive advantage
• The new server has built in software that can easily be customized to the needs of the company or company goals and mission
• It can be made accessible to all in the company making work more efficient and faster especially for the employees and the administration.
Threats • Compatibility risks are the main threats of the upgrading. Just like any other new system compatibility with other existing application may be a problem. If such a case occurs the vendors will need to upgrade drivers of other application to ensure they are supported by windows server 2008.
• The server is an open source just like other Microsoft windows. This means that it stands at a risk of duplication and quick unauthorized access. Therefore, as the company embraces the upgrade, considerations may be made to a closed source such as Linux based Servers.
The SWOT analysis begins with looking at the business unit to identify the possible strengths and weakness that the upgrade will have on the Wingtip toys. It then expands to include the environmental factors affecting the project hence pointing out the existing opportunities and threats that might arise with embracing the new server windows 2008. From the analysis, it is clear that windows server 2008 will be a powerful addition to the company. This is because it focuses on the functionality of the company which is actually the greatest determinate of stability and prosperity. By improving the functionality in a company, different departments beginning with production, accounting, marketing and customer services are faster and well coordinated. Windows server 2008 will assist the company by simplifying business operations and also by improving efficiency. This has been made possible by the fact that the new server has additional power management feature which assist in cutting down costs through reducing hardware and facilities. One of the greatest features of the sever that greatly assist in cost reduction and enhancing operational speed is Live Migration which assist in moving virtual machines. This means that virtual machines can be migrated or moved to different hosts when they are powered. This makes it possible for the company administration to take virtual machines for maintenance or upgrade without carrying the entire system making it possible for the company system users to continue working without interruptions.
Further, the SWOT analysis shows that windows server 2008 provides an opportunity to connect remote users who in this case are the multiple company employees without the need for a virtual private network. Windows server 2008 also contains the Hyper V tool which assists in virtualization the entire system resources without the need of additional software. The Hyper V too which is also known as the Windows Server Virtualization assist in quick virtualization of the resources in a X86 -64 system which is also easily to maintain. By ensuring that the company management and administration supports virtualization with the help of the Windows Server Virtualization, it means that it is possible to upgrade the software quickly and at low cost since the virtualization system is independent or it is a stand-alone version.
Benefit of Windows server 2008 to Wingtip toys
Windows server 2008 is designed for both large and small organizations according to Microsoft Windows. It has multiple benefits to Wingtip toys beginning with the high speeds that the server provides as compared to windows 2003. The server provides high speeds in command transfer and also consists of a Web tool for quick access. It also assists in improving the company information technology infrastructure through virtualization technologies, enhanced security system and effective management of resources. The server is excellent in cost reduction, time reduction and solidifying the foundation of the IT infrastructure. By embracing the server upgrade project the company will be in a better position of meeting its goals on profit maximization through reduced management costs, efficient utilization of resources and besides maintaining high security standards through a secure network. The greatest advantages of the software upgrade project to the company will be as a result of the key additional features of the windows server 2008 that it has over windows server 2003.
New features in windows server 2008
The additional features of windows server 2008 are what make the software more marketable and efficient over 2003. They include:
 Bitlocker technology for security enhancement
 Server code for easier management platform
 Server Manager monitors existing roles
 Hyper-V for Virtualization
To begin with the security system of the advanced server is much better because of the presence of a bitlocker technology. The bitlocker system encrypts the entire data and prevents it from access by unauthorized persons. The security system also monitors any unauthorized boosts to the server through the VPN which is built in the SSL. The second additional feature is the server code. Windows server 2008 is managed through a server code which minimizes the command line. The server code assists in monitoring the users’ subsystems. For instance, Wingtip toys subsystems include networking, security subsystems and file system. By maintaining the server code to manage the subsystems, it makes it possible to prevent the key company subsystems from interruption from desktop shell, wordpad and other application such as NET frameworks. The server codes also provide additional features such as Task manager which are very important in maintaining an easier management platform which is also of high performance. The third feature is the server manager which is only supported by windows server 2008. The manager makes it possible to assign roles to the server even though the roles are already in existence. This makes it possible to ensure all tasks are performed fully and accurately. For instance, the company can use the server manager CLI to monitor quality of their products or in the audit of their accounting systems. This ensures that the use based project and thoroughly checked to avoid any duplication or omission. The fourth feature that the Wingtip to company is going to enjoy with the software upgrade is virtualization. With the help of the Hyper-V it will be possible for the Information Technology department to provide a virtual farm of workstation to manage system resources without the need of a third party (Thurott, 2011).
Minimum hardware requirements and related costs
The upgrade project to windows server 2008 is expected to bringing multiple advantages to the company, however, there are a few hardware requirements that the company is expected to attain to make the project a success. The most important hardware improvements are on the processor, memory, available disk space, computer drive and display. The processor minimum requirements are that of a processing speed of 1 GHz, this is equivalent to 86 processor speed. However the recommended speed is that of a processor of 2GHx and specifically that of an Intel Itanium 2 processor which is best supported by windows server 2008. A good processor is also supposed to go hand in hand with random access memory (RAM) with is higher than 1GB but with a maximum of 32GB. To ensure the memory of 1GB is sufficient the company should also maintain a server core installation system which is supported by Itanium based system. Further, adequate disk space is essential since windows server 2008 requires more space than 2003. The company will need to increase the disk space to 40GB or greater. However, if the company purchases a very large disk of more than 16GB then the information technology department will be required to assist in marinating disk stability through paging, hibernation and removal of dump files. Further, the company will also require a drive of minimum requirement of a DVD –Read Only Memory, a display of at least 800-600 revolution and accessories such as keyboards and Microsoft mouse of which the company can continue using what was used with windows server 2003 (Matthew, 2011).
Strategy to provide secure network access to employees
Even with the advanced windows server and adequate hardware, the company needs a good strategy to ensure the employees in the satellite offices are able to enjoy the new information technology advancement without compromising the security system of the company and the employees. The server contains an Internet Information Server 7.0 which provides a platform that hosts a web application that the employees can use to communicate. The platform is not only secure but also reliable since it contains multiple user interface applications thus making the user able to perform pasts faster. The platform is secure since it contains multiple diagnostic and troubleshooting tools making it possible to quickly note and collect any security bleach. To enhance security, the server also supports online business infrastructure thus reducing the risk of online crimes such as spamming and phishing. By encouraging the employees to use windows 2008 to windows 2003, the company will be free from unauthorized connections to the networks because of the existence of user accounts, server codes.
Redmond company information technology migration plan
Redmond Company is an example of an organization that has greatly succeeded with upgrading their information technology system. Though the company improved its windows server to 2008 last financial year, it is evidence that the upgrade has already started to show positive changes in the company. The main reasons behind the success of the migration or upgrade plan are the effective and well coordinated nature of the project. The company officials as indicated in the company website www.theredmondco.com, the company management headed by the company president Jim Voelz worked had in hand with the information management team headed by Jerry Mortier ensured that all essential hardware and software ware available before the upgrade began. The Redmond company upgrade plan was quite similar to that of Wingtip toys, this is because it also focused on security details relating to information technology, virtualization, performance, server core, server manager, internet information service and terminal services enhancement. Further, the Redmond Company faced compatibility issues and cost factors when during their upgrade to windows server 2008 similar to the current situation in wingtip toys (Anderson, 2012).
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