Educating the Community

You are the newest member of the police community outreach unit of your department. As part of your new job responsibility, you are required to meet different community groups and educate them about the resources available to their communities and how the police department works to keep them safe. You are assigned to speak to a community group about your police department and how they “fight crime.” Prepare a speech identifying three proactive tactics used to enhance traditional patrol techniques as well as investigative techniques. Create a report of 2- to 3-pages in a Microsoft Word document that includes answers to the following questions:

Analyze and describe at least three proactive tactics available to the police.
Analyze and explain each tactic’s purpose, effectiveness, and limitations. Select a problem or issue in your community that should be addressed by the police and propose a specific tactic to address that problem or issue.
Analyze and explain which proactive tactic, out of the three selected ones, would be the most important to be implemented.
Support your responses with examples.