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continuation of research paper




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Unit VIII Research Paper

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Asbestos, a Safety and Health Problem in America

Name: Justin Anowey

School: Columbia Southern University



Course Title: MOS 5101-12K

Date: 12/30/14

Instructor’s Name: Professor William Mulherin



Asbestos has widely been used in the construction and building in United States with an estimation of approximately 35 million homes being contaminated with Zonolite which is an asbestos tainted insulation (Reinstein,2012).Many of the schools, offices, hospitals together with infrastructures that are extensively underground like subways and water systems have been contaminated. During the renovations, disasters and demolitions can lead to fiber being released which is dangerous to the environment. The United States depends on imports to be able to meet its manufacturing needs with the roofing products being estimated in accounting about 60% of the United States consumption of asbestos (Reinstein,2012).

Background of the Study

Although asbestos has been shown to provide safety, it has been shown to have health issues in the people of America. An estimated 1.3 million employees in the general and construction industry tend to face significant exposure to asbestos while on job (Reinsten, 2012). Asbestos, including chrysotile has been proven to be carcinogenic causing mesothelioma as well as lung, ovarian cancers, laryngeal, gastrointestinal together with pleural and non-malignant disorders. The scientific studies have proven the asbestos exposure causing fatal diseases. Irrespective of this, America’s asbestos industries continue exposing the people to the asbestos in search of profits (Reinsten, 2012).


Asbestos which is being used in the America has been shown to provide useful material in the construction industry and also contributing to the economy of the country. Irrespective of its useful nature, it has been shown to have detrimental effects on the people of the United States and the environment at large, as it is carcinogenic proven. However, several strategies have been put in place to reduce the detrimental effects of asbestos.


Importance of asbestos

– Building material

-Both as a fire retardant and insulator

-It boosts the economy by increasing local and international trade.

Adverse effects of asbestos to the environment

-It is Carcinogenic

-Mining and industrial processing of asbestos pollutes the environment.

-Asbestos health related problems strains the health budgetary allocation as well as increasing morbidity and mortality.

Strategies aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of asbestos

– Creating awareness, education and making the public knowledgeable

-Developing proper equipment for handling asbestos and asbestos products in order to reduce its exposure.

-Establishment of asbestos remediation companies for evaluating and removing asbestos safely from homes when risk suspected is high.






Reinstein, L. (2012). Asbestos: Still Legal and Lethal in North America. Women & Environments International Magazine, 8.