contextual and theoretical essay

contextual and theoretical essay
Aims / Context:
In the Spring term, VCT will explore the historical and theoretical underpinnings of key themes and debates relevant to the study of contemporary graphic design and visual culture. This series of seminars will provide the theoretical tools and methodologies for contextualising visual communication and practice.

You will employ two key ways of engaging with research and critical analysis: firstly, gaining an overview of a key theme/debate, by contextualising it across art and design practices, and in a modern/postmodern framework; secondly, by interrogating this theme/debate more closely through ‘key texts’, which will help you identify significant figures in the cultural debate and look at how they have approached these subject areas.

This unit will support you in the development of research, written and oral communication skills. Furthermore, the research and analysis involved in gaining an overview of a theme/debate and close investigation through key texts will allow you to identify the critical debates and visual enquiries useful for situating your own practice and interests.
The key texts will provide the foundation for your formative presentations at the end of the Spring term, and for the related essay, to be handed in during the Summer term.

Assignment Brief:
Write an essay that identifies and analyses the key ideas contained in at least one of the key texts explored in the Spring Term VCT seminars. In examining your key text, you should place the text in its historical context, and then you should use specific examples of design or studio practice to explain its key ideas.