Your audience is made up of people who are seeking information on how the organization you have chosen dealt with a particular crisis of unethical business behavior. Answer as many questions for them as you can. MLA research and documentation style is to be used. The Bedford/St. Martin’s site on the page for links for research and documentation posted below is a very good resource for MLA style.

We will be sticking to the line spacing format for business reports in our book. That is, instead of double spacing the text as is often done in MLA style, we’ll continue to single space text and use headers in bold with appropriate line spacing between text and headers throughout.

You need a minimum of ten solid sources. To receive a passing grade, you absolutely must have an accurate works cited page and in-text citations that accurately show where all of your information came from. There is a sample MLA style report in Chapter 16 of your book.

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary


Body (possible areas covered)

Background or History (place organization in context of entire industry?)

Corporate Culture of organization as it relates to ethical principles and practices

Explain specific ethical breach or problem (including legal issues)

Narrate the process of the organization’s strategies in dealing with the issue.

Examine the resolutions arrived at by the company and possibly the courts.

What has been the impact of the case on the company, the industry, and broader communities? Give solid examples.