Chemical Engineering design of a operation unit

Chemical Engineering design of a operation unit
Project description
Design of one Operation Unit for
1) H2 recovery from flue gas of formaldehyde processing, or
2) O2 separation from air, or
3) CO2 from flue gas of power plant
1. Decide a capacity and purity of the desired product
2. Select a technology (membrane or adsorption technology) based on deep analysis of barrier or solid packing materials
3. Produce step by step calculations for the Chemical engineering design of the unit
4. Report: concise report: 10 pages

In the introduction need to select an industry to which for example oxygen being separated can be used and Select the desired product capacity and purity. Then step by step calculations to obtain the design of the adsorption vessel (if chosen) in terms of the diameter and length of the vessel. Also need to determine in detail with calculations and descriptions the adsorbent material (if adsorption chosen as the process) such as zeolite compared to other types of solid packing material (why its the best option) in terms of pore diameter, particle size and density etc. Values need to be used to justify. Then need to determine the best arrangements of the vessels such in parallel or series and for calculations specify a batch time for process and how continuous operation can be achieved. If adsorption process is chosen, then the adsorbent material capacity and purity needs to be determined and if oxygen separation chosen then need to calculate for every 1 kg of air how much nitrogen is required in the input and how much oxygen is separated. Graphs and tables should support evidence. Why adsorption technology chosen over membrane needs to be stated or vice versa. Pressure swing of adsorption process should be determined and impacts considered.