Your GRP is a very important part of your course work for this class. It is expected to be on time, complete, and professionally written. Above all, it must be referenced carefully using APA style. Following are some guidelines to use when writing your paper:

FIRST, be sure that your topic is firmly rooted in the subject matter for this course, and that your paper is written specifically for this course. No previously used papers may be submitted for this class. When picking a topic, choose something you are interested in, or better yet, something that will help you out at work. OD is a topic which affects us all. Note: It is not OK for purposes of this course to write a paper that is largely a case study of how you or your company handles some OD concept at work. This is a research-based paper. If you want to reference your company, make it secondary to your review of the literature. You do not have to clear your topics in advance.

SECOND, your term paper should have an abstract, an introduction, a body (including literature0 with appropriate headings and sub-headings, and a conclusion. The paper should contain 12-15 pages of text (double spaced). Arrange the written paper logically. Be sure that your topics and sub-topics follow logically and that you write transition sentences between the parts of your paper.

THIRD, note that the syllabus requires a “minimum” of seven sources for your paper. Remember that whether you paraphrase (preferable) or quote (use sparingly), you must indicate the source of your data. Be sure as you write your paper that you save your sources (e.g., copies of articles used) so that you have them if we ask to see them at the end of the course. Improper referencing will result in a reduced grade. Be sure not to cut and paste from your sources without properly citing the source.

Use good sources. We recommend professional resource journals such as: Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, Personnel Journal, HR Magazine, Personnel Administrator, Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Labor Law Journal, and Personnel Psychology. (Note: These are examples only, there are lots more). Avoid less scholarly sources like Newsweek or excerpts of articles off the Internet. If the Internet article provides you with an in depth article with a clearly identified source, it may be OK, however.

Since this is a graduate class in strategic organizational development, your research question should center on problem diagnosis or problem solving. It may not be simply descriptive; that is, your paper should not merely be an anthology of statements taken from literature without any direction toward prescriptive remedies to real-life organizational development. Since this is a graduate course in strategic organizational development, your research question should focus on strategy, not advocacy. Rather than simply noting the inequities of society, your paper should be taking the focus of how strategic decisions can resolve organizational development issues within the larger context of corporate effectiveness.