Short Paper: The Scientific Skeptic


In everyday life, we are regularly exposed to various claims about human psychology and human behavior. While some of these claims may be scientifically valid, many of them are not. Choose a psychological claim about which you are skeptical. If you are having trouble thinking of one, think about common areas of pseudoscience that you may have heard about (e.g., astrology, ESP, hypnosis) to help you generate ideas. In your paper, develop a research question that you have about the claim. Discuss how the scientific method could be used to test your research question as compared to one of the other methods mentioned in the module (method of tenacity, method of authority, a priori method).

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper: The Scientific Skeptic Guidelines and Rubric document.

Business Law Writing Assignment

Topic: Sales Tax/Online Shopping

For purposes of the individual written assignment:

  1. Please read about the recent U.S. Supreme      Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. Provide some      background and summarize the court’s holding.
  2. Who does the decision favor and who is      negatively affected? Describe some of the challenges.
  3. What are the implications of the court’s      decision for out-of-state sellers and how will it impact their      business? 
  4. Do you think that Congress and the states will respond      to the Supreme Court decision by passing related legislation? What sort of      action seems likely?

Darwin, Freud, and Hall

Prompt: Using what you have learned about various theorists in Module One, incorporate either Darwin, Freud, or Hall’s perspective and apply to the below questions. As you answer the questions, clarify your position regarding the theorist’s position you are taking in your answers. Keep in mind your answer should come from a developmental, ethical, and cultural perspective. Ethical implications should be drawn from the idea that while these theories are still relevant, they were devised during an era in which ethical standards were at a minimum. 

Specifically, your paper should address the following:

·Drawing from the theory you chose to frame your answer, are children driven by inborn motives and instincts or, rather, are they products of their environments? 

·Examining the major assumptions within your chosen theory, are children actively involved in shaping their characters or are they passive creatures molded by parents, teachers, and other agents of society? 

·Examine how your chosen theoretical standpoint classifies children and adolescents that present with disorders.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 3–5 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.


Library Article: The Origin of Development and Psycho-Analysis: First and Second Lectures
This is a primary source written by Sigmund Freud on his theory of development.
You will use this article in this module’s short paper assignment.

Library Article: Darwin’s Idea of Mental Development
This article was written closer to Darwin’s era and contains a historical perspective. There are excerpts of Darwin’s writing in this article.
You will use this article in this module’s short paper assignment. 

Library Article: Child Study at Clark University: An Impending New Step
Written by groundbreaking theorist G. Stanley Hall, this primary source discusses his view on developmental psychology.
You will use this article in this module’s short paper assignment.

Business……due today in 7 hours…….please read

This assignment is due in 7 hours……..if you acecept to do you will have done in 7 hours……

Do the following:   Use the website link below to select 3 companies

select three companies from this list and visit their websites. Research their diversity programs and write an essay (500 words minimum, excluding any reference list) describing the companies you selected and their diversity initiatives. You should include the following in your essay:

1. Why did you choose these companies? For example, do you choose them because of their product, service, or marketing?

2. Describe your chosen companies’ diversity programs. How do they create a diverse company? Is there anything unique about their initiatives, perhaps an interesting training program, scholarships, or community involvement?

3. Why diversity is important to them? Can other companies (in or not in the list) learn from them to promote more diversity?

Your writing should be clear, concise, complete and original. Use proper citation if you want to cite other people’s work.

Brain Scans and Application of Research to Brain Injury

Brain Scans and Application of Research to Brain Injury

The past twenty years have seen advancements in technology that were critical to further understanding concepts in cognitive psychology. Two such developments are positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. These scans allow researchers to “see” the brain in action.

Research how brain scans can diagnose injury and disease using the Internet and the Argosy University online library resources. Based on your research, answer the following questions:

  • How do PET and MRI work?If you were showing a person words while having an MRI, what brain areas would probably be active?If a brain injury victim is unable to move the right arm, in which area of the brain would an MRI scan most likely reveal damage?What kind of scan do you think would be best in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease?How do the research tools (equipment and methodology) available today contribute to a greater understanding of “conscious processes and immediate experience” than was possible using trained introspection and structuralism?

PETs and MRIs also can diagnose head injuries. Consider the following scenario:

You are working at a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital and meet with Allison. Allison is in the US Army and has just returned home from a deployment. During her deployment, a bomb was thrown into a vehicle in which she was riding. She was not severely injured but was told that she sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Respond to the following:

  • Define TBI for Allison.Describe any symptoms that Allison might experience.How do you think the army should deal with these injuries? For example, if Allison is not obviously physically impaired, should she be discharged and receive disability pay? Should she be redeployed? If Allison stays in the army, what kinds of jobs do you think she should not perform?   

Write your initial response in 4–5 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Note: Online students, please select one of the two subjects to discuss.

  • Determine the top-three (3) concepts or skills you learned in this course that you believe will be the most useful to you in your present or future professional career or education. Provide at least one (1) specific example to support your response. (Business Statistics is the class)
  • Provide a rationale as to why the three (3) aforementioned concepts or skills are important to someone in the field of business statistics.
  • 300 WORDS

Week 5 Analysis for bank on Lemonade drink

Using the same organization and the lemonade drink from the Week 4 Learning  assignment, develop an analysis for the bank. The bank will be using this information to make their final decision on how, and if, to fund your company’s new and unique lemonade. Through your research, you have found that the bank you will be presenting to is favorable of socially-conscience companies that support local charitable endeavors.   

Develop a minimum 350- to 525-word analysis that include the following:

  • Select four of the following methods and explain how they should be used by your company to align best with your target segment and product definition:
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Traditional Digital marketing
    • New Digital marketing techniques (describe)
    • Direct marketing
    • Event marketing
    • Outdoor Advertising
  • Select two of the following forms of sales promotion to promote your product and explain the reasoning for each of your choices:
    • Coupons
    • Deals
    • Premiums
    • Contests
    • Sweepstakes
    • Contests
    • Samples
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Rebates
  • Discuss ways you can demonstrate to the bank that this company is a socially-conscience organization and will be involved with local social endeavors.
  • Discuss how your company could expand into the global market.
  • Examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally.
  • Examine any ethical or moral issues you may encounter while developing and utilizing the various forms of sales promotion.

Week 4 below to show assignment and grading from professor.

Simply Lemonade- A Lemonade that has been reported to taste   more like lime and have a tartier taste.  (“Taste   Test: Ready-To-Drink Lemonade”, 2011).

Our company’s lemonade is   made with fresh lemons and other fruity flavors for a fresh healthy lemonade.

Minute Maid- This lemonade   was reported to be perfectly blended but were still reported as bland.

(“Taste   Test: Ready-To-Drink Lemonade”, 2011).

Our company blends our   fresh lemonade with other fruity flavors for a nice sour taste added with vitamins   for an added health boost.

Natalie’s Hand-Crafted-   Reported as sweet but doesn’t seem fresh.

(“Taste   Test: Ready-To-Drink Lemonade”, 2011).

The above designates   the above brands’ taste weaknesses and can be significant. But, the Team must also report its   nutritional and ingredient strengths and weaknesses as compared to Super   Flight.


Our company prides itself   with its fresh lemonade and fruit juice blend that is carbonated giving it   that little extra fresh crispy taste. 

This hints at Super Flight’s   positioning in terms feature and benefits, value added and competitive   edge. However once again, I refer the   Team back to Part 2 to understand how this positioning can be strengthened to   more clearly differentiate the brand from the competition. 

  1. Define the pricing strategy in no more than 90 words      that you will use for the introduction of the product.

We believe that the best   pricing strategy for our lemonade at launch to be penetration pricing. With   penetration pricing, prices will start low with little profit margins to   attract new customers and gain market share value. This should in turn raise   awareness of our new lemonade and raise sales volume, while also creating   lower production costs and higher inventory turnover due to the increase of   sale and production.

This makes good sense. 

The considerations can be this: 

If the Team is convinced the product   is addressing an unmet need for which there is no direct competition and for   which robust demand is anticipated, then a skimming pricing strategy is   advisable. 

However, the Team has determined the   product will be introduced into a competitive marketplace wherein a   penetration pricing strategy that aims price at the middle of the market can   be implemented to encourage trial and brand-switching.


  1. Discuss in no more than 90 words the maturity life cycle      stages of your product.

Stage of   Maturity Life Cycle


Sales volume peak

During the maturity phase   of the Product Life Cycle sales volumes tend to peak because of product   saturation in the market.

Maintaining market share

During the maturity phase   competition is at its highest level in the cycle, which makes it increasingly   challenging for a company to maintain their market share.

Stronger product   differentiation/Improvements

Through product   differentiation, improvement or changes to the product (new mixes, flavors,   or ingredient improvements) the company can keep maintaining or slow the   decrease of their market share.

Decreasing   in market share


Because of the high   competition at this stage companies will start to experience a decrease in   market share. This will be followed by lower profits because of price   reduction of products to maintain competitiveness, which will also bring down   price levels.

The Team has examined the maturity PLC   stage only. Note that the maturity life cycle stages are to be discussed. 

This means the Team must examine the   introduction, growth, maturity and decline stages. 

Briefly, the discussion would look   like this:

· At introduction a product must establish brand   awareness, perhaps trial the product with key target markets and price the   product – the Super Flight Team implementing penetration pricing strategy to   encourage trial and brand switching.

· During the growth stage, the Team improves quality and   adds new flavors to enhance differentiation and maintains the price due to   healthy demand. The Team seeks increased distribution coverage and modifies   promotion to shift the promotional message from brand awareness to preference.

· At maturity, the Team may enter new geographical markets   and engage in additional product modification to further differentiate the   product line from the any emerging competition rather than compete on price. 

· In the eventuality of product decline, which can be   possible with the emergence new health and taste trends, the Team will reduce   promotional expenditures, cut back distribution and possibly reduce the   price. The product, if endangered, will   then be harvested from the product line if sales no longer justify a   marketing investment. 

The Team does discuss the maturity   stage correctly.

  1. Describe in 90 words how you will use suppliers, agents,      or distributors to create your distribution channel.

We   can use wholesalers, resellers, retailers, and consultants since they already   have resources and relationships with customers and vendors to quickly bring   our product to the market. We will   even set up our own personal sales team to bring in new customers as well to   sell directly to these customers. We   can also set up an online web-store so that customers can order directly from   us online and get their orders shipped directly to them possibly by UPS since   they can deliver even to smaller locations. Another thing we can do is to advertise our lemonade with specific   sales for brand new customers -since this seems to help catch interest.

Good. The Team is planning to   implement a multi-channel distribution design; first indirect through wholesalers   and retailers. I don’t know what   “consultants” means. Super   Flight>Wholesales>Restaurants, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores>End-User.   

The Team is also establishing   customer-direct distribution channel through its website.


4. Mechanics


Total Score: 7