PBS documentary Cheney’s Law

After watching the PBS documentary Cheney’s Law in class today, please answer the following questions in a three (3) page typewritten paper.

  1. What events during the Ford, Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations shaped Dick Cheney’s views of executive branch powers?David Addington and Dick Cheney have worked together for two decades  and share similar views on executive power. Explain these views.What did Vice President Cheney hope to accomplish by expanding presidential power after the Sept. 11 attacks?What role did the Justice Department under Attorney General John  Ashcroft play in deterring the Bush administration’s policies on  interrogation and intelligence gathering?What is a signing statement? How does a signing statement affect a  congressional law? What effect does a signing statement have on the  checks and balances between Congress and the executive branch?In which areas discussed in the program (torture, domestic  wiretapping, redefining presidential authority and the use of signing  statements) do you feel the president and vice president are justified  in their actions? Why or why not?

Research the life and some of the significant cases for which this justice has prepared the Court’s written opinion



The purpose of this exercise is for you to become familiar with the working of the federal courts, in 

this  case  the  U.S.  Supreme  Court.    It  is  an  Article  III  (of  the  U.S.  Constitution)  study  to

ol.    Please  follow  these 

instructions carefully.


Visit the United States Supreme Court website at


Select a current Supreme Court Justice.


Research the life and some of the significant

cases for which this justice has prepared the Court’s written 



Prepare a research paper that addresses the following issues:


A brief (two paragraph) biography of the subject.


What is the justice’s ideological orientation:  liberal, conservative

, strict constructionist, etc.


Discuss  two  to  three  significant  opinions  that  this  justice  has  drafted 

either  as  majority 

opinions,  concurring  opinions,  or  dissenting  opinions.    Your  discussion  should  include  the 

justice’s decision in the case, the Cour

t’s decision, the justice’s reasoning, and its effect on 

American jurisprudence.


If you were the justice, would you have come to the same conclusion?  Was this holding “good 

law?”  Why??

Address these issues in a paper of four (4) to five (5) pages in le

ngth.  The paper should be typed, double


1” margins, with a font size no larger than 12 point, nor smaller the 10 point.  

Undertake  as  much  outside 

research as necessary to adequately answer the questions

Sections 4&5 Pros and cons

Sections 4 and 5 Activities Guidelines

Perform the following activities in Sections 4 and 5 of your research paper:

Section 4

Data Presentation and Analysis

Provide data you collected and its analysis while doing your literature review and based on the description you gave about data analysis (refer to your data collection and analysis procedure in Section 3). As a clue, how many literatures on your research topic did you review? How of them supported the proposition put forward in your section one? how many did not support your proposition but helped to understand the divergent views held on the phenomenon you researched on? After your data presentation and analysis, provide a summary of Section 4 and a link sentence to Section 5.

Section 5

Summary of Findings, Recommendations, and conclusion

Provide a summary of the major things your research found. Based on the findings, recommendation ways to improve or consolidate any concrete steps taken to remedy the situations. Provide a conclusion of your findings.

Annotated Bibliography (Ariel Holmes)

Ariel Holmes

September 5, 2018

Professor Ibekwe

Annotated Bibliography

In my paper I will talk about the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana. I will state the why, what, and how of smoking Medical Marijuana. I will also talk about the history of the main ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC. Smoking Marijuana is a very serious subject and can be a touchy subject. After writing my paper, for whoever reads it, if they are smokers I hope I gave enough information where they will be well educated on the topic.

1. Lawrence, A. (2018, August 14). Ultimate Guide to Medical Marijuana: The Pros and Cons. Retrieved September 10, 2018, from


Throughout the years there has been an increase in the amount of people who smoke Medical Marijuana. Consumer Health Digest is describing the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana. Specifically, what has been documented over the past two decades. Which has been used to treat a plethora of medical conditions. Upon their scientific research, researchers believe there are hidden agendas behind licensed medical practitioners and drug dealers.

2. Strouse, T., M.D. (2016, October 12). Marijuana’s Public Health Pros and Cons. Retrieved September 10, 2018, from


The U.S. News and World Report are clarifying the general well-being upsides and downsides. As the article starts Strouse talks on voters soon favoring California’s Proposition 64 which will be the sanctioning of medicinal weed for adult recreational utilize. It also talks about how researchers believe that not only will the broader legalization of this herb manages pain relief. It may possibly have a positive effect on the opioid epidemic. The opioid epidemic is the fast increment in the utilization of medicine and non-prescription opioid drugs in the United States and Canada beginning in the late 1990s.

3. “Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments – Medical Marijuana –” Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?, 4 Jan. 2018,


Smoking Marijuana can be very addicting which makes it difficult to quit, but there is a way to beat the bad habit. There are many reasons why teens and adults smoke Medical Marijuana. is essentially depicting the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana through a doctor’s viewpoint, medical organization suppositions, it’s gateway effect and in addition seven different contentions. Some research proposes that cannabis utilize is probably going to go before the utilization of other licit and unlawful substances.

4. Writer, C. (2018, June 09). TO SMOKE OR NOT TO SMOKE?: Pros and cons of medical marijuana. Retrieved September 10, 2018, from


The medical Marijuana debate is always an interesting one. The author of “TO SMOKE OR NOT TO SMOKE? Pros and cons of medicinal marijuana” is discussing The US Drug Enforcement Agency, otherwise called the DEA, specifically how the medication is delegated a timetable one medication. They consider these medications to have no as of now acknowledged therapeutic utilize and a high potential for abuse. They consider this drug to be one of the most dangerous simply because it’s addictive. Even thought to be said cause “severe psychological or physical dependence.”

5. Lee. “What You Should Know: The Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana.” Student Doctor Network, 20 Jan. 2016,


23 states and the District of Columbia have authorized the utilization of medicinal pot and 9 more states are right now taking a shot at enactment to do likewise. This article provides an informative article of some pros and cons of medical marijuana. It gives arguments for marijuana use such as; pain control, glaucoma, and recreational use. It also states arguments against marijuana use such as the health effects and the adverse effects for teen usage.

6. Lawton, G. (2018, August 4). INSIDE DOPE. 239(3189), 28-33.


It discusses a debate in Great Britain about the legalization of medical marijuana. It then begins to focus on marijuana as a treatment and how effective it is according to some research. The article the takes on the view of cannabis policies in the United States and how it has a lack of evidence on which receptors are being activated. Specialists have proposed using Medical cannabis to help Americans battling with the opioid addiction. There is some proof that legalizing medicinal cannabis can lessen the utilization of opioids and the subsequent loss of life.

7. Malerba, D. L. (2011, May 25). Medical Marijuana: The Pros and Cons Of Legal Cannabis. Retrieved September 11, 2018, from


Philosophy Professor Larry Malerba is clarifying in this blog he has the experience to instruct the public on the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana. Essentially claiming he has a medical degree and his last name comes from an Italian word meaning ” terrible weed”. He clarifies how the utilization of Medical Marijuana is just the same old thing new it goes back to the Egyptians papyri in 1,550 BCE. The herb was utilized for tapeworms, nosebleeds and numerous different uses at the time.

8. Loria, K. (2018, March 07). 23 health benefits of marijuana. Retrieved September 10, 2018, from


There are numerous Pros to smoking Medical Marijuana, however, there are additionally numerous cons. Loria goes into how twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana. Along with several medical uses. At the point when someone smokes, breathes in or ingests weed or pot the green, dark colored or grayish dried and destroyed leaves, stems, blooming buds or seeds of plants called cannabis Sativa or cannabis Indica more than 200 diverse chemicals mixes course through the body. Around 60 of them are called cannabinoids.

9. Geddes, J. (2018, July). The Marijuana Nightmare. Maclean’s, 131(6), pp. 24-27.

Summary: In this article marijuana is being discussed and how it has been proposed to be legalized in Canada. It speaks on how it may have an extreme impact a medicine for older people. It discusses the medical marijuana industry in Smiths Falls, Upper Canada (Ontario), including the construction of the company Canopy Growth Incorporated’s corporate headquarters in Smiths Falls. It speaks on how marijuana may affect the youth as well.

10. Suryadevara, U., Bruijnzeel, D., Nuthi, M., Jagnarine, D., Tandon, R., & Bruijnzeel, A. (2017). Pros and Cons of Medical Cannabis use by People with Chronic Brain Disorders. Current Neuropharmacology, 800-814.

Summary: This article gives a thorough breakdown of how cannabis is being used a medication by people who are suffering from chronic brain disorders. It gives some of the pros and cons on the subject and goes in to detail on what can be improved. The article is a great read on how cannabis itself is being used for plenty of the wrong reasons and how it can impact one’s daily life.

11. Boeri, M., & Lamonica, A. K. (2017). The Social Re-construction of Marijuana as Medicine. Journal of Ethnographic, 257-276.


Published by Boeri and Lamonica. The writers of this article exploited a chance to gather real-time information in Massachusetts quickly after a medical marijuana bill was passed and keeping in mind that the medical marijuana policy was being produced and executed. The social development of marijuana amongst one of the most unsafe medications was finished in 1970 when cannabis was named a Schedule 1 drug.

12. Earleywine, M. (2002). Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Summary: In “Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence” the author speaks on how tremendous of an impact marijuana is having on our country. It states that nearly 5 million pounds of marijuana is smoked each year which an estimated guess is only. It speaks on a scientific study that has been done to show other ways that marijuana has an effect today. It also goes over the potential impact that it could begin to have.

13. Jones, W. S. (2018, April 16). 11 reasons why marijuana should be legalized for medical use. Retrieved from Oregon Cannabis Connection:

Summary: It provides 11 reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized for medical use and it is extremely influential. It gives reasons as it can stop HIV from advancing and it delay the advance of cancer cells. Both which are very good reasons as to why it should be legalized for medical use. With great measurements imparted inside the article, I will be able to back up my positions emphatically. This article will be helpful in breaking down some health-related examinations with the use of medical cannabis.

14. Rappold, R. S. (2014, April 02). Legalize Medical Marijuana, Doctors Say in Survey. Retrieved September 11, 2018, from


R. Scott Rappold is talking on the how a lion’s share of Doctors trust that Medical Marijuana ought to be sanctioned because it has genuine benefits to Patients. WebMD a website utilized by medicinal experts surveyed more than 1,544 specialists. This source gave an intriguing anecdote for the help of medicinal Marijuana. This source will be helpful in applying professional declaration in deciding if medical cannabis ought to or ought not to be utilized.

10 Page paper Research in Political Science

The above assignment is for my Research in Political Science class and we have a paper do tomorrow that I have yet to start due to an overload of work. My professor has broken the paper up into sections that i have a rubric for and i will attach the documents. The paper is originally 20 pages but i’m asking whomever to do 10 pages and I will finish the rest myself, I just need it to be started. My topic is pretty simple, it’s a comparison and research paper on police brutality in the 1990s vs this present day. My professor is a Doctor and is very strict so keeping in mind how last minute the paper is i still need it done to the best of whoever’s ability, i ask that you provide whatever sources you used so i can list them in the paper so if possible please just go ahead and start a works cited page that i can add to. Anymore questions feel free to communicate with me and i will answer to the best of my ability.

global markets

Several countries around the world are transitioning to market economies; the most significant of these are China and Russia. What do you think the impact will be on other countries around the world as these two countries become even more significant in the global economy? What are some examples of this impact?

Efficacy of U.S. welfare programs

 Examine the efficacy of U.S. welfare programs. What do such programs intend to accomplish? What are some criticisms against them? Be sure to cite specific academic examples, not just ones from your opinion. 

  • Posted: a month agoDue: 04/12/2018Budget: $5

your opinion of the Supreme Court

Interview a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone else who is unaffiliated with the political science discipline. Ask them the following questions:

*What is your opinion of the Supreme Court? What shaped this perception?
*How well do you think Supreme Court justices do their job? To what extent do partisan politics influence their rulings?

Summarize this person’s comments and reflect on them. Do you think this person’s opinion reflects that of the majority of Americans? Why or why not? Of all three branches of government, the Supreme Court has a reputation for being insulated from or resistant to party pressures and swings of public opinion. Do you see this reputation eroding today? If so, what impact does that have on American politics and how might citizen’s faith in the Court be restored?

*Note: Reaction posts should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length.

use student reply as a guide to do the discussion

Clash of Civilizations.

1. Name of the book: Samuel P. Huntington, The clash of Civilizations. Simon and Schuster, 2011. ISBN 978-0-1451628975. (updated) (Paperback)

Huntington, Clash of Civilizations. Written Assignment – four to five pages.

Question 1. Discuss and evaluate the Huntington theme that we are in a time period of clashes of civilizations?

Question2. Critics maintain that the Huntington view of clashing civilizations is inaccurate and leads to a greater chance of hostility and conflict with especially China and the Islamic world. Discuss.