Medical Ethics:

A. Research and define the following terms as they relate to the legal and medical ethics presented in the story My Sister’s Keeper. These are the central issues needed to base a medical opinion about any case in court. (12 points)

Medical Ethics:

  • AutonomyVeracityFidelityBeneficenceNon-maleficenceJustice

B. Using these as 6 criterion, describe how each of these characteristics related back to the legal arguments and behaviors exhibited by the prosecuting and defense attorneys in this case. (12 points)

C. Then, in two to three paragraphs, describe the moral, practical, and emotional complication of putting one child in unnecessary pain and danger for the well-being of another? (6 points)

assignment 2 

A. Research the two following topics and write a one page summary of your findings for the two scenarios: (5 points each)

1. Stem cell research for reproduction of a designer child whose sole purpose is to be a donor to a sick child.

2. Parents who decide, for religious and moral issues, to preserve umbilical cords for use in the future to potentially save a life.

B. Write a one page summary for the questions asked below. (10 points)

1. What are the moral and ethical implications of this genetic selection?

2. What conclusions have you reached about such medical technology?

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 meets the following course objectives:

  • Apply a sociological perspective to the social world.Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.Demonstrate the ability to identify, locate, and retrieve information related to the topics in the course.


The primary goal of this exercise is to apply your developing sociological knowledge and skills to the analysis of a current event.

Writing Expectations

This should be 4-6 pages long, double-spaced, 12pt font (arial or times new roman), with 1″ margins. You must include a cover page, running header, major heading and subheadings to identify each section; all according to APA requirements.  


Choosing a Current Event. A current event refers to something that is happening in the world at present and they are usually described on the news and in mass media. You must choose a report (written, from the radio, or televised) of an event that has been reported on within 3 months of the assignment deadline. Remember, the event you choose must have some relevance to the study of society, and you must properly cite the source from which you got your report. DO NOT include more than two articles or reports. 

Describe the Current Event. Second, you will need to provide a brief summary of the current event. This should include details such as location, timing (i.e is this an ongoing event, does it appear to be a one time event, is this an example of an event that happens frequently), people involved, and any analysis offered by the report(er).

Analyzing the Current Event. The final step in the process is conducting an analysis of the current event using knowledge you have gained from the course to-date. The most important thing here is that the analysis should not just be your opinion about the current event, but grounded in sociological theory and prior research. You will need to use at least 4 sociological concepts covered in this course to analyze the current event (i.e. social construction, stratification, social control, crime, deviance). (hint: sociological concepts should be clearly identified, defined and then applied; any paraphrasing or direct quotes used from another source should include APA formatted in-text citations and a full citation at the end of the essay).

Writing expectations


The purpose of this assignment is to recognize sociological concepts at play in your lived experience.   Keeping a field log of your social and institutional experiences for one day, you will critically discuss how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts learned in class.

Writing expectations

The paper should be 4-6 typed pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, with 1″ margins.  Remember to use APA format to cite and reference your sources.

A presentation that offers additional assistance in completing the assignment is available at


1) Observation 

Create a field log (example).  For one day, observe and record the key interactions and institutions in your lived experience.   Starting with waking up, who is the first person you talk to?  What do you do next- take family members to school, go to the gym, go to work and interact with coworkers?  Throughout the day you will take on different roles by interacting with different people and in different situations, and be in contact with different social institutions (education, government, health, etc). Type or photograph your field log and submit it with your written Assignment.

2) Application 

Try to wait one or more days before starting this step.  Revisit your field log and apply sociological analysis to your observations.

  • Describe how our day is shaped and constrained by social norms. Analyze how at least four sociological concepts learned in class (eg. roles, institutions, interactions, impression management, stage theory, emotional labor) apply to your field log observations.  This part of the paper should not be focused on the general social norms you described earlier, dig in with specific concepts in this from our text (refrain from using dictionaries).For at least two of the concepts, find and incorporate an appropriate source that highlights how sociologists study this concept in everyday society (for example, emotional labor in the restaurant industry).  Not sure what constitutes an appropriate source?  See our Announcement on this in the classroom- tips and a learning module are provided there.  For example, we discussed gender socialization:
    • In an article by Crespi (2011) that studied gender socialization and gender roles within the family, results showed that a cross-gender relationship between fathers and daughters, mothers and sons has emerged as significant in determining traditional and non-traditional gender attitudes. The research suggested that the relationship with the parent of the opposite sex could be a strong factor in reducing stereotyped attitudes regarding gender roles (Crespi, 2011). *Use a different example in your paper, the purpose here is to show your research skills rather than repeat my research skills.*

3)      Reflection

Reflect on your role as a larger part of society (i.e. your motives, instincts, feelings, and/or structural constraints).  Discuss ways other people affected you and the ways you affected others in the social experiences of your day.

Sample Field Log

Below is a brief field log to give you an idea of the social interactions and institutions you might look for in your day.  With the observations are sample course concepts that relate to the observations.  Be creative in exploring and applying concepts- we will all apply concepts differently even if the scenes we observe are very similar.

5:45am: Wake up, interact with children.

Gender roles, nuclear family, folkways

6:30am: Interact with spouse and children.  Eat breakfast, run, shower.

8:00am: Arrive at airport, check in interaction with airline customer service; interaction with TSA.

Social structure, bureaucracy, norms, mores, social control

9:00am: Wait with other passengers to board flight; purchase a drink at coffee shop; employees have a tip jar; a family sitting close by is watching the news and commenting on what they think is wrong with other cultures.

Emotional labor, ethnocentrism, Piaget’s stages of development

9:30am: On flight with family having a difficult time with small children; flight attendant offers to help them. 

Emotional labor, gender roles, family

12pm: Arrive at destination airport; drive two hours to see extended family.  Along the road there are farmers with fruit stands.  See homeless person asking for assistance in exchange for work. 

Poverty, inequality

4pm: Extended family arrives for potluck dinner; look at family photos together and share family memories.  Watch evening news-  local robbery and assault.

Social deviance, material culture

6pm: Stop at church to meet family friend, see a bible study group inside; lots of religious symbols; someone remarks on a new church being built to accommodate a different racial group.

Religion, race, monotheism

This course has “Resubmission” status enabled to help you if you realize you submitted an incorrect or blank file, or if you need to submit multiple documents as part of your Assignment.  Resubmission of an Assignment after it is graded, to attempt a better grade, is not permitted.

Assignment 3 meets the following course objectives:

  • Apply a sociological perspective to the social world.Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.Recognize and define social structure and social interactionExplain the reciprocal relationship in the influence between societal and structural factors, individual behavior and the self’s development

What is the function of a triumphal arch?

Seminar #3: Ancient RomeDirectionsRespond to the questions below based on both class lecture and outside research from the sources provided. Your responses must answer all questions that are asked and included at least one properly cited quote. Your seminar assignment should be 3-pages double-spaced.Academic Sources
Gardner’s Art through the AgesThats your textbook
MET Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Smarthistory www.smarthistory.org1. What is the function of a Roman forum? Describe the plan of the Forum of Trajan including the courtyard, basilica, temples and column. What purpose does the apse serve in a basilica?2. What is Pax Romana/ Pax Augusta? How does Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of the Augustan Peace) display the Pax Romana or Pax Augusta? Describe the relief sculpture of the altar to support your argument.3. What is the function of a triumphal arch? How does the Arch of Titus promote imperial virtues of the Empire and the Emperor? What is the significance of the Apotheosis of Titus in the interior vault of the arch?4. How did the political situation in third century CE Rome differ from that of the first century CE, and what effect did that have on art? Discuss the two statues, Portrait of Augustus as general, from Primaporta (Augustus Prima Porta) and The Tetrarchs in regards to what has happened to the tradition of Roman Imperial Portraiture.

CHFD 215 – Final Project

CHFD 215 – Final Project

A local social service agency has asked you to create a pamphlet or PowerPoint Presentation to educate the community about an issue related to Child Development. Using research in the lesson material as your main source, plus at least two additional resources, put together an informational guide about any issue from the lesson material that has to do with Child Development. Some examples are teen pregnancy, challenges and tips for parents during a stage of development, (prenatal, infancy and toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence), peer pressure, kids and social media, children with special needs, etc.

Prepare a pamphlet or PowerPoint that covers the following:

  • Start off by introducing the issue. Give a brief summary about it that includes facts, statistics, etc.Who is affected by the issue and how?What theories/concepts from the lesson material can help parents, caregivers, and/or professionals better understand the issue?What can parents, peers, and/or professionals do to help with this issue?What resources are available in your community to assist with this issue? If you can’t find anything locally, broaden your search to state and national services. Share at least 2 resources that offer help for the issue. Make sure to include the name of the agency, a summary of the services they provide, and contact information.Provide a brief conclusion of your presentation or informational pamphlet. Provide a summary for your instructor. You may share what you learned by completing this assignment, any challenges you faced, any information you didn’t agree with, and/or any other relevant information you’d like to share. 

If you make a pamphlet it should be 1-2 pages in length. While graphics are appreciated, they shouldn’t be your focus. Your pamphlet needs to clearly cover the required material.

If you make a PowerPoint it should be 10 slides minimum (not including a Title and Reference slide) and include notes at the bottom to clearly explain the bullet points.

Write an 800-1,000 word essay on your personal worldview

Write an 800-1,000 word essay on your personal worldview. Briefly discuss the various possible meanings of the term “spirituality,” and your understanding of the concepts of pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism. Primarily, address the following seven basic worldview questions:

  1. What is prime reality?

  1. What is the nature of the world around you?

  1. What is a human being?What happens to a person at death?

  1. Why is it possible to know anything at all?

  1. How do people know what is right or wrong?

  1. What is the meaning of human history?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

What is your bottom line ? Can you summarise the main points of your argument or interpretation in just a few sentences ? If not, then you have not converged sufficiently your main conclusions to be drawn.

You will need to write a 5- page report on the economic environment in Turkey as it is
likely to look in 2024. You can be optimistic or pessimistic, but you must base your assessment on
datas of some specifications (like unemployment – growth rate of country etc.) Please note that for the purpose of this essay the economic environment includes both domestic and international aspects as well as political and social.
Please make sure that the report contain questions below:
1. What is your bottom line ? Can you summarise the main points of your argument or interpretation in just a few sentences ? If not, then you have not converged sufficiently your main conclusions to be drawn.
2. Don’t just ”dump” data on the reader. Explain what numbers you are using and why.
Otherwise the reader will be overloaded and tune out (not good).
3. Be sure to explain your exact sources for key points, whether facts or assertions. This will aid the
reader evaluate which parts of your work are built on solid rock and which are based on shifting sands.
4. Avoid vagueness. Be direct and specific.
5. Ask that question about Turkey:

Bioethics Case Study

1. Bioethics Case Study: This assignment asks you to examine a current ethical controversy case study. The paper is informal, but should be in APA style, and does not need an abstract or cover page. With a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages A reference page is needed. In-text citations should be in APA format. Papers will be graded on a 0 to 25-point scale.

Case Study in Primary care:

One hypothetical case study involves Jim a 54, year old patient who has recently diagnose with hypertension and his Creatinine and BUN laboratory results are elevated, if left untreated, will result in kidney failure. The patient refuses to take the medication because he said it will affect his sex life The NP must work with the patient to respect the fact that he doesn’t want the medication (autonomy), and needs to find a solution that would prevent him from going into kidney failure and other complications, which is in his best interest (beneficence). Although medications are the best choice, forcing the patient to accept the medication will result in probably patient leaving the care (non-maleficence). Finally, the NP needs to consider the impact that the patient’s choices might have on others if he starts to go into preventable kidney failure, he’ll need dialysis, which affects other people who need the same treatment (justice). So before making the final decision the NP must consider all four principles of health care ethics, which will help the NP make the choice that will have the best possible benefits for both the patient and society.


What are the skills necessary for the provider to identify, address, and assess this clinical ethical issue?

What are the provider’s obligations when a patient discloses does he not intent to follow the treatment?

What are the ethical considerations in evaluating a patient’s failure to adhere to a prescribed therapy?

Will you terminate care for this patient? What are the implications?

Case Study Rubric


Outstanding (25)

Very Good (22)

Average (18)

Unacceptable (15)



Complete in all respects; reflects all requirements

Complete in most respects; reflects most requirements

Incomplete many respects; reflects few requirements

Incomplete in most respects; does not reflect requirements


Demonstrates excellent understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)

Demonstrates an accomplished understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)

Demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)

Demonstrates an inadequate understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)


Presents an insightful and through analysis of the issue (s) identified

Presents a thorough analysis of most of the issue(s) identified

Presents a superficial analysis of some of the issue(s) identified

Presents an incomplete analysis of the issue(s) identified.


Makes appropriate and powerful connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied

Makes appropriate connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied

Makes appropriate but somewhat vague connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied

Makes little or no connection between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied.


Supports opinion with strong arguments and evidence; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective

Supports opinion with reasons and evidence; presents a fairly balanced view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective

Supports opinion with limited reasons and evidence; presents a somewhat one-sided argument

Supports opinion with few reasons and little evidence; argument is one-sided and not objective.


Presents detailed, realistic, and appropriate recommendations clearly supported by the information presented and concepts studied

Presents specific, realistic and appropriate recommendation supported by the information presented and the concepts studied

Presents realistic or appropriate recommendation supported by the information presented and the concepts studied

Presents realistic or appropriate recommendation with little, if any, support from the information and the concepts studied.

Grammar and Spelling

Minimal spelling and grammar errors

Some spelling and grammar errors

Noticeable spelling and grammar errors

Unacceptable number of spelling and grammar errors

APA guidelines

Uses APA guidelines accurately and consistently to cite sources

Uses APA guidelines with minor violations to cite sources

Reflects incomplete knowledge of APA guidelines

Does not use APA guidelines


In “What Was Volkswagen Thinking?,” Jerry Useem (2016) discusses James Burke, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and highlights Burkes decision to hold a meeting with his top executives to discuss eliminating the company credo.

Organization communication
Unit 1
1. In “What Was Volkswagen Thinking?,” Jerry Useem (2016) discusses James Burke, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and highlights Burkes decision to hold a meeting with his top executives to discuss eliminating the company credo. Burke was concerned that the managers were not reflecting upon the company credo for everyday decisions. He called for a debate among his top managers about the document and the role of moral duties in daily business. Instead of voting to remove it, the managers chose to revitalize the message of the credo within the company (Useem, 2016).In your response, explain why this meeting was effective. Why do you believe Burke chose this type of channelwhere the managers could not only directly talk to him, but they could also talk to each otherover other types of communication?Your response should be at least 500 words in length.
Unit I Introduction

The importance of communication in organizations, the communication process, and communication adaptation are discussed along with communication channels.


* Develop an understanding regarding the importance of communication in business organizations.
* Analyze the dimensions of the communication process and its impact on organizational success.
* Analyze the relationship between word selection, communication channel, and effective communication.
* Examine techniques to help minimize communication challenges.