Computation of Income Using Matching

Computation of Income Using Matching

The company sells custom-designed engineering equipment. During the most recent year, the company received the following customer orders:

For Machine A, selling price = $150,000, production cost = $79,000

For Machine B, selling price = $270,000, production cost = $163,000

For Machine C, selling price = $91,000, production cost = $46,000

For Machine D, selling price = $400,000, production cost = $231,000

Machines A and C were completed and shipped during the year; the total revenue from the sale of these machines will be reported in the income statement for the year. Machines B and D have not yet been completed; the total production cost incurred so far for these two machines is $350,000. The revenue from the sale of these two machines will not be reported in the income statement for the year. Using the transaction approach (the matching method), compute the company’s income for the year.

Mechanics of Fluids

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SEM218 Mechanics of Fluids Assignment 2 Due on Thursday, 21st April 2011 Q1 (a) Water flows through a control volume as shown in the figure. At Section (1) the diameter is 40 mm and the velocity profile is given by V(r) = 10 (4 – r2) m/s, where r is the distance from the centerline. At Section (2) the mass flow rate is 10 kg/s and at Section (3) the diameter is 40 mm and the flow is uniform. Calculate the uniform velocity at the section (3). Density of water is 1000 kg/m3 40 mm dia 40 mm dia C V (1) (2) (3)
Q1 (b) Water flows through a pipe of 300 mm diameter at the rate of 66 L/s. Determine the value of the manometer reading, ‘h’. Specific gravity of manometer liquid is 0.8 Q2 (a) Water flowing through the vertical pipe is shown below. Calculate the required pipe diameter for the smaller pipe,‘d’, given that the two pressure gauges read the same value. 300 mm dia h S = 0.8 6 m/s 300 mm dia d 3 m
Q2 (b) Water flows at 40 m/s from a jet of area of cross-section 0.008 m2 on to a flat plate as shown in the figure. Find the force F normal to the plate, and the flow rates out of the plate. Q3 A horizontal pipe of 540 mm diameter carrying 0.6 m3/s splits into two horizontal pipes of 300 mm diameter with 60% of the flow and the other of 150 mm diameter with 40% of the flow. Determine the magnitude and direction of the force on the anchor holding the pipe junction if the pressure gauge reads 70 kPa. Assume no energy losses. 450 F
0.6 m3/s 150 mm dia 300 mm dia 540 mm dia 450 600 70 kPa

What is the BPI in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine and what is its value to you if you have no previous history in a market area?

What is the BPI in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine and what is its value to you if you have no previous history in a market area?

1. The two roles of the sales manager. 2. What is the BPI in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine and what is its value to you if you have no previous history in a market area? 3. Co-op advertising and how would you use it as the sales person responsible for a sales territory to gain new accounts? How would you use the BPI to allocate a co-op local advertising/promotion budget? 4. The conversion of suspects to prospects and to customers. How do they interrelate? 5. How many sales people would you hire to cover the region and the basis of your calculations? 6. If the company fee for sales is 5%, and if the base compensation of draw against that fee is $25,000, what sales level must each sales person achieve to demonstrate success or to break even? (Show your calculation in your support documentation).How does the breakeven calculation signify that the size of the total sales team (the number of sales people that you will hire) is realistic? 7. How would you compensate outstanding performance so that the company wins and the salesperson wins? 8. How would the steps of the one minute manager be used to develop a training program for your sales team? 9. Describe how you would manage the sales team to assure success in achieving your objectives.

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Report Issue

Review a court case related to the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, or Safe Drinking Water Act. Then, write a case study of at least two full pages in length. Please discuss the following:

 the court case

 why and when it occurred

the outcome

 how the outcome impacted future interpretation of the act

 personal thoughts about the court case

The case study should be written in paragraph form and at least two pages in length. It does not require a title page or a running header; however, please double space, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and cite your sources and references in APA style. 

Industrial Hygiene

  1. What are five components of an effective industrial hygiene program?
  2. Explain why it is important to determine whether training can solve a safety problem.
  3. Why is it important to have a written procedure for sampling methods?
  4. List three examples of what a certified industrial hygienist can do to earn certification maintenance points.
  5. List three examples of the types of health and safety activities that might be performed by Occupational Health and Safety Technologists.
  6. What are some important questions found on an occupational health history form? Why are they important?
  7. Describe the 5 steps of a Risk Management Program.
  8. How can health and safety committees and employee suggestion boxes assist with the implementation of industrial hygiene programs?
  9. Describe at least 2 benefits of an industrial hygiene program?
  10. There is no regulatory requirement to have a written industrial hygiene program. Present your case to your employer or prospective employer as to why your company should develop and implement a written comprehensive industrial hygiene program. Your response should be a minimum of 400 words.

Atmospheric Issues

Resource: Gamescape Episode 3. Assigned sections of Chapters 19 and 20 in Environmental Science.

Complete Episode 3: “Maintaining Terrestrial and Atmospheric Resources” of Gamescape

As Newly elected Mayor of Sparksville, the town’s citizens are eager to hear what you plan on doing to promote the local economy while maintaining a high level of environmental air quality.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word speech for a Town Hall Meeting that addresses the following points: 

  • State the current economic situation and the three choices that were available to the town of Sparksville.
  • Discuss how these three choices would impact water pollution and indoor and outdoor air pollution. Explain how each of the three choices could be a point and non-source of water and air pollution.
  • Describe how the air and water pollution generated from these sources can impact the health of Sparksville’s citizens, the local ecosystem, and the local economy. Include some potential solutions.
  • Explain why your decision addresses the key environmental challenges and is the optimal choice given this situation. 

Include two outside references to support your main points. One reference should be an academic journal found at the University’s library.

Include the Episode Score Report that you generate once you complete the activities from Episode 3. The report is generated in PDF format.

Format your citations consistent with APA guidelines.

Environmental Health Unit V

Question 1

Select a workplace hazard with which you are familiar, and outline how you would apply the problem-solving methodology in Table 14.1 (p. 277) of your textbook. Discuss how you would approach each step for the hazard you selected.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Question 2

You have been hired as a consultant to help a local machine shop solve a hazardous noise problem. The shop is 10,000 square feet in area, with 12-foot-high concrete block walls and a flat metal roof. Inside the shop are two band saws, two metal lathes, three drill presses, one milling machine, and three abrasive grinders. The six employees work at benches located throughout the shop, using a variety of pneumatic-powered hand tools and non-powered tools. A recent noise survey found sound pressure levels exceeding 100dBA in some parts of the shop. All employees were monitored for noise exposure over an eight-hour workday, and the calculated TWA for noise for the employees ranged from 88dBA to 97dBA. Determine a possible control measure for each of the six levels in the hierarchy of controls (p. 273 in your textbook), and explain the reasoning behind each choice. Which control measure(s) would you recommend to the machine shop manager?

Your response must be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

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Environmental Unit V Article Review

Unit V Article Review

The selected article must be from a professional or academic journal, at least two pages in length, and published within

the last five years. Be sure that the article is specific to occupational safety and health as some search terms may result in

articles related to the finance and insurance industries.

Write a review that includes the following components:

 a brief introduction to the article,

 a summary and analysis of the key points in the article,

 a discussion on how the article supports or contradicts the concepts as presented in the textbook, and

 a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions.

The assignment must be in APA format and at least two pages in length (not including title and reference pages). 

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What is the background of the organization or area you are researching?

What is the background of the organization or area you are researching?

Conducting preliminary research for a contemporary ethical dilemma found in the business world or a topic in business ethics, which you believe requires a resolution (needs to be solved or improved) and includes a recommendation or solution.
Topic:Discrimination in the workplace
There are several requirements: (1) you must use at least six reputablesources (and not use our textbook as any of the sources. Also, please do not use Wikipedia, as it is not always reviewed for it accuracy.) (2) you must include at least threephilosophers or philosophies (i.e. how would Socrates react to this situation or your recommendation?) (3) your solution/recommendation must be supported by a reputable source (i.e. an expert in the field; an article which cites another organization who successfully used your recommendation and found it to be successful). (4) all work not known before you started this assignment must be internally cited (5) must include a Works Cited Section
Suggested Format:
1. Background of Problem or Opportunity- What is the background of the organization or area you are researching? What is the reason you have selected it? Any information describing the organization or topic in detail or what has led you to research this topic should be included in this section, as well.
2. Philosophical Critique: (Include an application of classical philosophies integrated throughout the paper).
3. Recommendation:- What is your solution to this problem or opportunity? Explain in detail how you will resolve the issue or what your recommendation is to improve it (such as creating a code of ethics for an organization which does not have one).
4. Organization/Expert Reaction- How do you know it may be successful? It could be based upon surveys, articles or other reputable secondary sources, or by interviewing someone whose substantive background could support (or not support your recommendation). Please keep in mind, whether your recommendation/resolution is supported or not supported will not affect your grade. Think of your solution as a hypothesis. Also, do not use a “friend” who works for the company that “thinks it may be a good idea,” unless this person has substantial experience in the field/industry/business.
5. Conclusion: Since the background of the problem or opportunity will be part of the introductory section, to finalize this research, have a conclusion. In this section, you can summarize your findings, describe your philosophical justification, the organization reaction and how your organization (or the industry) will benefit from your solution (if applicable).