course outcomes

This course has eight course outcomes specifying that by the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the evolution and functions of computer hardware, computer architecture, and system and application software.
  2. Explain the concepts and components of telecommunication networks, and the purposes and operations of network protocols.
  3. Explain the principles, uses, and impacts of the Internet, the Web, and social media.
  4. Explain the principles of information privacy and security, the security/privacy threats of computers and networks, and discuss the impact of security/privacy threats on the public, business, and individuals.
  5. Describe the functions and uses of database and database management systems, and explain the concepts and applications of data warehouse and big data.
  6. Explain key professional, ethical, and legal issues within the field of information technology.
  7. Use components of Microsoft Office suite, including word processors, spreadsheets, presentation tools, and database software, for solving problems in work and everyday life.
  8. Explain the importance of staying current on changes in IT environments.

Based on the course content and activities, discuss the following questions:

  1. Identify the course outcome(s) that you would like to strengthen and delve into further after this course. Why?
  2. What is your plan to learn more about the topics covered by the outcomes you identify?
  3. Identify the course outcome(s) that you would like this course to provide more content about. Why? Is there any topic and/or concept for which you need more explanation?

creating a database

In this activity, you will work on creating a database for a fictitious company. For this, you will first read the following scenario and then complete the steps given below.

Your company, TechSkill, a customer support organization located in Half Moon, New York provides computer services to different businesses in the metropolitan area.

TechSkill has technicians who support a variety of different software and hardware. These technicians have skills in Operating Systems, Applications, Communications, Servers and PCs.

Since TechSkill is doing well and growing, there is an urgent need for a database for storing technicians’ information. The IT Management team wants to use MS Access as the database system and have tasked you with creating this database. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Use MS Access to create a new, blank database and save it as TechSkill.accdb.
  2. In Datasheet view for the Table1 table, name the table Technicians.
  3. For the Technicians table, rename the default primary key ID field as TechID. Change the data type of the TechIDfield to Text (Access 2007 and 2010) or Short Text (Access 2013).
  4. Add the following five fields to the new table in the order shown; all of them are Short Text fields except HireDate, which is a Date/Time field: FirstName, LastName, TechLevel, SkillSet, and HireDate. Resize the columns, if necessary, so that the complete field names are displayed.
  5. Enter at least 15 records into the Technicians table. Examples of the table and its fields/records are listed below:TechIDFirstNameLastNameTechLevelSkillSetHireDate68-9250Your NameYour Name1OS04/13/20156. Resize all datasheet columns to their best fit, and then save the Technicians table.
    7. Use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query that includes the FirstName, LastName, SkillSet, and HireDatefields from the Technicians table. Save the query as StartDate, and then save and close the query.
    8. Use the Form tool to create a form for the Technicians table. Save the form as TechInfo.
    9. In Form View of the TechInfo form, use the navigation buttons to navigate to the fifth record you created, and then change the SkillSet value to Business Intelligence.
    10. In Form View, click on the “new record” button and input the information of your newly hired technician, and then close the form.
    11. Use the Report tool to create a report based on the Technicians table, and name the report as TechReport. In Layout view for the report, use the mouse to resize the width of the fields so they are slightly wider than the widest entry (either the field name itself or a data in the field). All six fields should fit within the page area (vertical dotted line) after you resize the specified fields. At the bottom of the report, move the text “Page 1 of 1” to the left so it is within the page area. Display the report in Print Preview and verify that the fields and page number fit within the page area, and that all the values are fully displayed. Save the report and close it.
    12. Close the Technicians table and submit the file to the blackboard.

align your statistical analysis method

Due 3/1/19  5 p.m EST


APA and references



As you conduct research, you must align your statistical analysis method with your research question in order to produce valid and reliable results. You must also select appropriate variables to measure your research question. For the purposes of this Discussion, you explore the dataset (attached), propose a research question, and then determine the appropriate test—t-test or Chi Square test—to address your research question.

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources, including the dataset, the, and the t-test and Chi Square documents. Based on the data set, create two research questions: one that would use Chi Square and one that would use t-test.

With these thoughts in mind:

Review the Week 1 Dataset(Attached), which is available in the Learning Resources.

Post a research question relevant to the dataset. Please specify the dependent and independent variables you would use from the dataset to address the question, as well as the level of measurement for the dependent and independent variables. Justify your selection. Finally, explain whether you would use a t-test or Chi Square test to analyze this data and to address your research question. Explain why you chose this test. Focus on aligning the statistical analysis with both the research question and the variables you described. Be sure that your research question is unique in terms of this Discussion.

example (DONT USE

 For the sample population measured in this week’s dataset, the research question: Is there a difference in the frequency of hypertension diagnoses for men versus women?  The dependent variable (nominal level of measurement), used to answer this question is Hypertension, which measures if the respondent had a hypertension diagnosis or not (0 = no hypertension, 1 = had hypertension) The independent variable (nominal level of measurement), used to answer this research question is “Sex”, which identifies (measures) the respondent’s gender (1 = male, 2 = female) Since the variables are categorical and dichotomous, I would use a Chi-Square test to analyze the data (Salazar et al., 2015).  The Chi-Square test assists in answering my research question, since it identifies if there is a relationship between gender and hypertension diagnosis   Specifically, the Chi-Square test can identify if there is a statistically significant difference in the outcome of hypertension diagnosis between the male group and the female group (Walden University, n.d.). 

most important things

Discuss one of the most important things you will take from this course. You do not have to document your sources for this question. It is an opinion question.

response for Anjaneyulu Pallati

Information systems security course provided security principles and practices of information systems. I also understood the basic principles and practices in information systems security. I understood what the foundation theory is behind computer security, what the common threats are, and how to play with the games with attackers. A software program which is intended to damage computers and networks is called a malware. It also has about Hacking is the process of identifying the weaknesses of the systems to gain the access to the system.  Hacking is one of the most dangerous cyber crimes when compared to other cyber crimes because hacking includes all types of computer crime. The second type of cyber crime is phishing. It’s when cyber criminals leak personal information of famous people through email and other social networking sites. Cyber hack can be launched from one system to another system and from multiple networks.  Hackers use a variety of tools to launch attacks, including malware, ransomware, exploit kits, and other methods. By targeting the computer and its network connection, or the computers and network of the sites that a user trying to access, an attacker may be able to prevent you from accessing email, websites, online accounts, or other services that rely on the affected computer. It also taught about data breach. Data breach is a confirmed incident in which sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data has been accessed and/or disclosed in an unauthorized fashion. It enlisted the database security issues and solutions, including models, architectures, and mechanisms for database security. It stated program security issues, including virus, worm, and logical bombs, the basic concepts and general techniques in security auditing and risk assessment. It also explained about the issues related to administration security, physical security, and program security. It determined appropriate mechanisms for protecting information systems ranging from operating systems, to database management systems, and to applications.

response for Sai Ram Nellutla

This course has helped significantly on what to do and what not to do especially in the work environment. Being a healthcare industry-oriented worker, a lot has been consumed from this course that will help to be in a secured environment amidst myriad number of people constantly trying to obtain sensitive data every day. It is difficult to state one important thing that I consumed from the course but everything I learnt has its own importance.  But if I have to choose, I think the information gained on social engineering attacks, email parsing helps me a lot in day to day life. By gaining the knowledge on social engineering attacks and the ways to tackle them, I acquired the abilities to tackle such attacks in my day to day life where these kinds of attacks are most expected. Also gaining the knowledge on email scraping helps me in identifying the source of the malicious emails I receive which looks similar to genuine emails but are sent as a trap to fetch sensitive data.

Also, the knowledge on user technology security, security of data communications,  beating the malware and spam, learning about back up strategies expanded my scope in this field and will help be one or the other time as I make progress in my career.

use SPSS skills

Due 3/2/19 6 p.m EST




For this Assignment, you use SPSS skills and think about data in terms of biostatistics. This will be a refresher. You start to familiarize yourself with the data by providing descriptive statistics—numerical and graphical—appropriate for the level of measurement of the assigned variables. Remember, a statistical analysis is not complete without your interpretation.

The Assignment

Refer to the  Dataset (SPSS Document) attached. Use SPSS to open the dataset and complete the following:

  1. Produce numeric descriptions for the following variables: Age, Sex, BMI, SCI, Stroke, and Hypertension.

    Be sure to use the appropriate descriptive statistics for the level of measurement of the variable (Hint: Use mean and standard deviation for continuous variables and frequency for categorical or nominal ones) 
  2. Produce graphical descriptions for the variables listed in part 1. Be sure to use graphical presentations appropriate for the level of measurement of the variable. (Hint: Use Box Plots and Histograms for continuous variables and Bar charts for categorical and nominal ones) 
  3. Interpret the results from parts 1 and 2. Produce a narrative that includes information on each of the variables. Again be sure that the narrative is appropriate based on the level of measurement for each variable. 

Physical Security of 2 Locations

Write a 10 page paper describing the Physical Security of 2 Locations in the city or area where you live and submit the completed paper during the residency weekend.  This is NOT an APA paper so References and Citations are not required.

Find 2 Physical Locations within your community (Hospital, Businesses, Warehouses, Storage Units, your local bank, etc.) and do a quick “visual” walk-thru of the facility.   

As an example, if you chose a hospital, walk-thru the public areas and make some mental notes.  Use caution – do NOT enter restricted areas and take care that you do not appear to be a threat. 

What physical security elements did you see?  What physical security elements did you not see?  What physical security elements do you think exist even if you didn’t see them?  What are the critical assets they protect.  What level of physical security would be needed to effectively protect those assets? 

In some cases, you might consider talking with the facility management to let them know you are completing an assignment dealing with Physical Security and see if the manager would be willing to talk with you about their physical security.  Speaking with management is NOT a requirement.

The goal of this assignment is to think about what you did and did not see and consider whether the facility measures up to “what you think the textbook” considers is needed to effectively support its Physical Security needs.    

choose one of the following topics:

Hello, as YOU approach the start of the residency, please choose one of the following topics:

· Internet of things (IOT) Devices

· Drones

· Virtual Reality

· Bitcoin

· Encryption

· Equifax

· Data Theft

· Cloud Computing

· AI and Advanced Analytics

· Blockchain

· Personal Data Breaches

· Mobile Communication

· Machine learning

· Email 

· Intellectual Property Theft and Corporate Espionage

· Malware Mercenaries

· Botnets

· Privacy and security connected cars

· Fraud Attack

What is the current cybersecurity-related situation involving the topic you chose? What do you predict will happen in the future regarding your topic? With regards to the topic you chose, how can it be used for any good and how can it be used for criminal purposes? What are the social, political and legal aspects of the topic you selected?


Word Document ( weighted 40% of your graded)

PowerPoint (weighted 20% of your grade)

· The body of the written assignment will be 10 – 15 pages (excludes cover/reference pages)

· Include an ABSTRACT, COVER PAGE (with your name, course and assignment title), REFERENCE PAGE (minimum 10 references)

· Graphs, illustrations, and spreadsheets are allowed.

· You must adhere to the current APA Formatting for written format, in-text citations and references  

· The PowerPoint Presentation should be 10 – 15 slides and must be supported by your research.

· Summarize the elements of your topic for management review.

· Include an Title Slide, Agenda Conclusion, and Reference slides.

Presentation for the topics

 Final – Value 120 Max.


   The Final for the class is the following:

Create a Power Point Slide Presentation for the topics of either of the subjects below:

 Microsoft Excel or 
 Microsoft Access or
 Chapter 12 - System Analysis and Design or
Chapter 13 - Programming Languages

The presentation must have at least 12 slides and must include a title slide with your name, class number and topic and a conclusion slide as part of the 12 slide minimum. While there is no maximum number of slides, it should be reasonable number for the content.

For Microsoft Excel or Access, the topics that are to be covered are in the attached document. You must cover 3 or more topics in your presentation. Do not mix subjects – I.E. do not cover an Excel subject topic and a MS Access subject topic. Cover only Excel or Access or Chapter 12 or Chapter 13.

You must explicitly show in the presentation what section you are covering – I.E. 

       Excel Section 2.6 Aligning Cells

       Chapter 13 – Programming and Languages  – Program Specification.

Your grade will be based on the content of the presentation as well as the quality of the power point presentation itself.  Any external sources of information will help your grade. Good use of Power Point animations and transitions will help your grade.

Microsoft project


This assignment asks you to participate in three projects and then to write about each project in one paper. Begin by following the instructions for each project provided below.

Note: For Project 1-3, the first hyperlink is broken (, so use the following hyperlink in its place:

Write a two-page paper following the directions within the textbook on Case Project 6-4, Case Project 7-2, and Project 1 3. Include a title page and separate reference page. Follow APA Guidelines, including in-text citations, referencing, and formatting of the paper.