typical human epithelial cell in G2 of interphase would possess

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1) A typical human epithelial cell in Gof interphase would possess (1pt):

– 23 replicated chromosomes

– 46 unreplicated chromosomes

– 96 unreplicated chromosomes

– 23 unreplicated chromosomes

– 46 replicated chromosomes


2) Which of the following best describes the division of a human somatic cell undergoing mitotic cell division?  It begins with a ______.(1pt)

– haploid cell and results in 2 haploid cells

– diploid cell and results in 2 diploid cells

– diploid cell and results in 2 haploid cells

– diploid cell and results in 4 haploid cells

– haploid cell and results in 2 diploid cells


3) A human skin cell is observed.  It is found to have two distinct nuclei each having 46 unreplicated chromosomes.  These observations would be seen if the cell is in____. (1pt)

– G2 of interphase

– metaphase of mitosis

– S of interphase

– telophase of mitosis

– prometaphase of mitosis


4) A substance is found to interfere with a dividing cell’s ability to polymerize tubulin proteins into microtubules.  With which aspect of cell division would this substance interfere? (1pt)

– the replication of chromosomes

– the condensation of chromosomes

– the formation of the mitotic spindle

– the decondensation of chromosomes


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Discuss the current changes in victim rights laws

CJA 395 Specialized Courts Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper related to trends in the management of courts. Explain how the following issues impact the way courts complete their function:

  • Attention grabbing introduction
  • Explain what specialized or alternative courts are and how they work.
  • Pick one court program (Veteran’s Court, Drug Court, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court, etc.) and explain the program (what it entails, length of program, classes, how it affects the offender’s sentence or conviction, etc.) the typical type of offender that may qualify for it, and the current success rate of the program in your area.  Provide real world examples of the court in your area. 
  • Discuss the current changes in victim rights laws.  What rights do victim’s have, how do specialized courts affect victims, if at all?  Do victims always support an offender getting treatment (probation) rather than a lenghty sentence?  How do specialized courts handle restitution for the victims?
  • Conclusion

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Describe the characteristics of questions that can be addressed through the scientific method, and give some examples.

HW 1

Q1: Formulatea null hypothesis for the following hypothesis: ‘’Tomato plants exhibit a higher rate of growth when planted in  compost instead of in soil. “Why is the null hypothesis useful?

Q2: Describe the characteristics of questions that can be addressed through the scientific method, and give some examples.

Q3: Design an experiment using al the steps of the scientific method.

Q4: Does the statement “ evaluation is just theory” have any merit? Explain?

HW 2

Q1:  Explain how the shapes of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins relate to their function.

Q2:  describe the three types of particles that comprise all atom in terms of charge, mass, and

location within the atom.

Q3:  discuss the basic steps of how an enzyme catalyzes a reaction, using lactase as an example.

Q4:  compare and contrast DNA and RNA in terms of structure, composition, and function.

HW 3

Q1:  describe how the properties of the head and tail ends of the phospholipid molecules account for their specific arrangements that form the bilayer.

Q2:  compare and contrast the theories of endosymbiosis and invagination and the supporting

evidence for each

Q3:  a drop of red food coloring is added to a glass of water. After a few months, the entire glass of water is evenly dyed red. What role did diffusion play in this experiment?

Q4:  define passive transport, and explain what type of passive transport would be used to move each of the following substances into a cell: oxygen, amino acid, and water.

HW 4

Q1:  describe the movement of protons as electrons are shuttled through the electron transport chain and as the energy in this gradient is used to form ATP.

Q2:  briefly describe the adaptations of C4 and CAM plants that reduce water loss through stomata.

Q3: cellular respiration is a lot like photosynthesis in reserve. “Evaluate this statement, and discuss the similarities and differences between photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  

Q4:  Briefly describe the two laws of thermodynamics and how they related to cellular respiration.

Q5: How is a hydrogen bond similar to an ionic bond? How are they different? 

Edelstein L, and Frank Denaro, The Claustrum, A Historical Review, Cellular and Molecular Biology. Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2004, 50(6),675-702.

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Your assignment is to write:

A. A one page review based on the review paper on the neuroanatomical structure called the Claustrum.


1. Edelstein L, and Frank Denaro, The Claustrum, A Historical Review, Cellular and Molecular Biology. Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2004, 50(6),675-702. 

2. Edelstein, L., and Denaro, F. J., The Neurobiology of Consciousness and Sir Francis Crick. Cellular and Molecular Biology 2004 Sept., 50(6): 671-673.

3. Hinova-Palova, Dimkka, V., Lawrence Edelstein, Boycho Landzhov, Minko Minkov, Lina Malinova, Stanislav Hristov, Frank DenaroAlexandar Alexandrov, Teodora Kiriakova. LLina Brainova, Adrian Paloff, and Wladimir Ovtscharoff, Topographical distribution and morphology of NADPH-diaphorase-stained neurons in the human Claustrum. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, May 2014, 8 (article 96): 1-12.

B. Answer the questions on the neuroanatomical structure of the Claustrum:

1. What is the Claustrum?

2. What are some identified functions of the Claustrum?

3. Why do some scientists think it is involved in Consciousness?

4. Why did Francis Crick (co-discoverer of structure of DNA) think the Claustrum was involved in function of Consciousness? 

See paper: What is the function of the Claustrum?” Francis C. Crick and Christof Koch, Phil. Trans. Soc. B (2005) 360, 1271-1279. (To find this paper go to Christof Kock on Research gate or Pub med)

5. What is some of the current research on the Claustrum? Explain in a brief paragraph what investigators are now looking for in the Claustrum.

6. From a human perspective, what do you think understanding Conscious will mean to us?


For information on this topic, you can read several papers on the claustrum. You can find these papers on my Researchgate web page.

1. Go to (https://www.researchgate)

2. Sign in (it is free).

3. Where it says “Search” in the upper right click, then click:  “researcher”.  Type in name: Frank Denaro

4. That brings you to my ResearchGate main web page.

5. On that web page you can find the papers on the Claustrum. The papers are in the over view or contribution sections. By clicking on the article, you can see them and down load them. You should then read the article and answer the questions and write the review.  Be sure you include the title of the paper you read for some of the questions.

6. For those who are interested in research (in any area), you can find your professor(s) and check out their research areas. You may find reading their publications very informative and that may help you decide on research projects or help you to make decisions on your career goals. As you know Morgan has been identified as a Research Intensive University. So research is becoming more important for all majors and fields.