When you are doing the CCA for chapter 8, please remember that you are supposed to be interviewing a variety of people.

When you are doing the CCA for chapter 8, please remember that you are supposed to be interviewing a variety of people.  The assignment says “6-10 people who do not look ethnically the same (as each other).”   Maybe try to find people from each continent!  If you start asking people and find that their ancestors all come from the same original country, then you should keep asking other people till you have a variety.  It might also help to interview people of different ages, because one classmate found out that when he asked only teenagers, they weren’t interested in their heritage much.  

Paige has submitted a really clear chart that I am recommending the rest of you use in part 1 when you are describing the people’s ancestry. Here is hers (adapted):

Interview people about their ancestry:

Examine the challenges associated with searching in textual documents and database querying

Searching Textual Documents

Please respond to the following: Your company has been hired to design a product that will provide searches of textual documents and database querying. Your design team has not developed a product like this before. Examine the challenges associated with searching in textual documents and database querying. Describe how the five-stage search framework shared in Chapter 13 could be used to overcome those challenges. Assess current multimedia document search techniques and suggest three techniques to improve multimedia search experiences. Explain why you chose to recommend each of the techniques you suggested.

Analyzing the communication context is preparation for interpreting and evaluating a text


Analyzing the communication context is preparation for interpreting and evaluating a text. For this assignment, it is recommended that you select a text that you like and about which you feel a sense of intrigue or curiosity, whether it be a poem, short story, or play. If you are interested in the text, there is probably something about it – the times, the culture, the personalities, the politics – that make it interesting and worthy of attention.

You should follow the MLA Style guidelines, which are explained in most composition and grammar handbooks and at several sources online; the College’s Student Success Centers can also be of help. Margins, paragraph format, and double-spacing are prescribed by the MLA Style guidelines. I will not accept a submission that is not double-spaced. I will not accept a submission that is not set-up margin left – do not use “justify.” I require that all pages are numbered in a header in the upper right corner.

Once the work is done, and the essay is complete, proofread the essay one last time and submit the essay.

It has to be 4 pages minimum and double spacing plz

Describe the most effective advanced filtering and search interface

CIS 524 Week 9 Discussion 2

Please respond to the following: Describe the most effective advanced filtering and search interface. Argue why the interface you chose is more effective than others, and describe who benefits most from the interface you are describing. From the e-Activity, Google has been the dominant market leader for search engines for the past several years, despite a fairly basic interface and competition from competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo. Discuss reasons why Google has been able to maintain such a high market share. Also, suggest some ideas for a search engine that would be able to take market share away from Google.

reading assignment “Do Muslim Women Really Need saving” by Lila Abu-Lughod.


please check the attached files. follow the instruction the instructor is very restricted about the grading policy.Attachment preview

we have one reading assignment “Do Muslim Women Really Need saving” by Lila Abu-Lughod. Based on this reading assignment, you should write your second C.I.  

a. After reading this journal article, you should select a quote that you find meaningful–the more specific your quote is, the more you can focus your argument.

c. Your C.I should be argumentative.  Therefore, a thesis statement must be included. 

d. Your C.I should include 4 pages (as you already know; page 1 should include the selected quote or paragraph and the questions you intend to answer in your C.I., page 2 and 3 should include your argument and developing ideas that support your argument, and page 4 should include your Works Cited page using MLA style)

The American Fitness System

Exit Task: The American Fitness System

Research Paper 2019

Format/Page Requirement:1” margins, proper MLA heading; Times New Roman 12 point font; double spaced; approximately 6-10 pages. Follow MLA guidelines for any and all citations.
Exit Task Process Overview:

Source Details:
Your task is to write a research paper in which you do the following:1. Review the many claims that we identified in our various class sources to help you narrow down your topic focus.2. Choose a topic of interest within the general topic of “Fitness in America”.3. List your topic and list key words to begin your research by February 20tht These will be words you will use in a database search engine for sources. This list will be used for a February 26th in-service.5. Participate in a research work day to collect additional background research for greater depth of knowledge on your topic.6. Create a research question, which will help you focus your research by providing a path through the research and writing process. The purpose is to avoid the “all-about” paper and work toward supporting a specific, arguable thesis. You will have to submit your question via a Google Doc to Google Classroom by February 21st at 11PM.7. Identify the evidence from class sources and your own credible researched sources to find answers to your research question.8. After researching your question, evaluate your findings and develop a working argument/thesis and working claims. Submit via Google Classroom by February 26th at 11PM.9. Continue the research process to fill any weak spots in evidence for thesis/argument support. Keep in mind you should continue to evaluate your argument/thesis throughout the research process and manipulate if necessary.10. Attend a “Research Writing Workshop” in-service and review by Miss Egipto on _____________. The purpose of this in-service is to go over writing structure and a review of MLA format.11. Write a working outline to organize content.12. Write your essay using the various strategies we have practiced in class. Proof and revise multiple times. Keep in mind you must use attributive tags, in-text citations, have a “Works Cited” and submit to You must utilize at least TWO class sources and at least FOUR of your own researched sources in your paper. Keep in mind the quality of your sources will part of the evaluation process.Sources should meet the following criteria:a. The author’s credentials indicate that he/she is an expert on this topic. The author gives contact information or professional affiliation.b. Published by: the government, scholarly journal or in a reference or academic book.c. The c. Work is original research/information by a reputable source. There is a “Works Cited” list and/or a Bibliography.d. The d. Purpose of the source is to promote scholarly research.e. The e. Date of the source should indicate relevant and current information.f. The f. Depth of coverage meets the needs of your purpose and written at a college or professional level.
EssayRequirements:You will be evaluated on the following skills:Thesis statement (identifies ARGUMENT)Topic sentences (identify CLAIMS)Evidence & Sources: Use specific and concrete examples that ILLUSTRATE and support your point.Evaluation: Writer EXPLAINS how or why the illustrations support the argument or sub-claim (aka strong analysis/commentary)Use of Academic Templates, Transitions and MetacommentaryUse of appropriate academic toneSentence structure/grammar.In-text/parenthetical citationsCounterarguments and RebuttalsMLA format/Works Cited:MLA Guidelines go…
You Must Demonstrate:Mastery of summary, paraphrase and/or direct quotations.Mastery in citing evidence according to MLA guidelines.Mastery in addressing counter-arguments and refutation, using sources to validate your claims.Mastery in using academic templates, transitions and metacommentary effectively.Mastery in evaluation of the quality and persuasiveness of the claims and evidence provided in various sources.Mastery in providing credible and valuable data from scholarly sources.Mastery in structure and organizational writing skills.

short memo witch was before the brainstorming session about my ideas of how to improve the sales.

so I’m having a group assignment and we pretending that we own fresh lemonade company and the company is having lack of sales and we had brainstorming session and as group we came up with ideas that will improve the sales. My I idea was similar to” toms shoes” which is one for one it means that if any one pay drink from our company we will donate clean water to people who are in need and you can do research about toms shoes and how did “one for one” help them to improve sales you can use it as an example. now I need to write research reports about haw is my idea is going to improve the sales it must be 3 pages plus bibliography

and pleas use more than 3 sources

and a short memo witch was before the brainstorming session about my ideas of how to improve the sales.

in the attachment you will see more details read the one I circled in black

thank you.