article, “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care”

In the assigned article, “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care”( the authors state that “the incorporation of multiple perspectives in health care offers the benefit of diverse knowledge and experience; however, in practice, shared responsibility without high-quality teamwork can be fraught with peril.” Describe the perils that the authors say lead to uncoordinated care and unnecessary waste and cost. How do communication and interdisciplinary collaboration prevent adverse events?, 1 reference

Psychology Discussion Eliminating bias in counselling

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As a helping professional, you will face issues of divorce, child abuse, homosexuality, house husbands, spousal abuse, elder abuse, dependency, and so forth. Watch each of these six segments from Films on Demand. In a 250-300 word post discuss how you would contain or express your perspective on these issues in a setting where you personally had strong reactions in the negative. What is your identified role and how do you fulfill that while allowing clients/patients to have their own personal beliefs?

How would a standardized terminology ( of your choice) directly impact your nursing practice Provide a rationale and one example.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on How would a standardized terminology ( of your choice) directly impact your nursing practice Provide a rationale and one example. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Impacts of CPR on a Bedside Nurse Practitioner According to McGonigle and Mastrian , nursing practitioners have professional languages and terminologies that are only understandable to them in their discipline. In nursing care, it’s fundamental to use standardized nursing terminologies to separate the practice from other health practices. A standardized nursing terminology is a common language among clinical nurses that they readily understand and that are unique to and describes nursing care as a discipline (McGonigle and Mastrian 2015).
As a bedside nurse practitioner, I would welcome the use of Computerized Patient Record System (CPR) terminology according to North America Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) in my practice. With a CPR, it is easy to identify with a plethora of data and informational records of different patients with similar conditions. In reference to (McGonigle and Mastrian 2015) such detailed data and information provide knowledge about specific patients’ conditions in detail since different patients respond differently to similar disease conditions (McGonigle and Mastrian 2015). As a result, it will provide me with a conscience and wise judgments about patient care at different situations.
For instance in the case with tonsillitis, if there is a CPR, it is easy to access data information about the disease for different patients. Upon careful study of the information, it would be easy to compare his conditions with other previous similar conditions of different patients. Subject the knowledge. I would be able to effectively communicate my patient’s condition to other nurses and other health care providers with the clear conscience of nursing possible interventions. In addition, I will gain improved patient care on tonsillitis conditions and appropriately comprehend nursing care outcomes with greater adherence to standards of nursing care. This will enhance my nursing competency as a nursing practitioner (McGonigle and Mastrian 2015).
McGonigle, D. & Mastrian, K. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
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Vision And Organizational Change – Empire Essays

Locate one scholarly article that discusses vision in relation to specific companies going through organizational change. The change could be growth, decline, or some form of restructuring. Select a company that is featured in the article, and go to that company’s website to view the vision statement for the organization.
Using the vision statement of your chosen company, discuss the following points:
Evaluate the article and describe the current vision statement and the change occurring within the organization.
Does the vision statement meet the challenges of the overall change initiative?
Possible revisions that could be made to the vision statement to meet the image of the organization after changes have been implemented.
Required Resources
Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. (2017). Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach (3rd ed.). Retrieved from
Recommended Resources
Büchel, B., & Moss, I. (2007). Using facilitation to drive change: The change leader’s guide. Perspectives for Managers, (150), 1-4. Retrieved from the ProQuest database. This article uses groups to facilitate change and provides a dialog for planning, guiding, and follow-up to change. It also entails a discussion on the importance of a strong change facilitator.
Hung, D., Chen, V., & Lim, S. H. (2009). Unpacking the hidden efficacies of learning in productive failure. Learning Inquiry, 3(1), 1-19. Retrieved from the ProQuest database. This article provides a detailed review of productive failure from the angles of productive-nonproductive, success and failure, and a self-regulatory process.
Langley, A., Smallman, C., Tsoukas, H., & Van De Ven, A. H. (2013). Process studies of change in organization and management: Unveiling temporality, activity, and flow. Academy Of Management Journal, 56(1), 1-13. Retrieved from the EBSCOhost database. This article focuses on the process of change and how and why things develop, emerge, grow or end over a period of time.
Center for Creative Leadership. (Producer) (n.d.). Leading in times of transition (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from This podcast takes a look at leadership skills and the importance of maintaining high standards during a time of transition.