Information Technology Risk Workshop

Information Technology Risk Workshop

Please provide short answers (a few sentences each) to the following 5 questions

I. Summarize Netflix’s business model & strategy (leverage strategic concepts and

terms in your response)

II. Using Porter’s 5 Forces, describe the potential risks to the Netflix strategy

III. What strategic misstep did Netflix make in the past and how did it recover from


IV. Building on the Information Technology Risk Workshop, what are some

information technology risks that could impact Netflix?

V. Using Ansoff’s Matrix or other strategic concepts from the reading, suggest

some alternate strategies Netflix might consider to mitigate the risks to their

existing strategy or take advantage of untapped opportunities

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Write your paper as you go! This will generate a much stronger paper

Write your paper as you go! This will generate a much stronger paper

marketing simulation. These points are independent of your actual simulation results. The paper will be submitted AFTER you’ve completed all six quarters.

Formatting Instructions:

NONE – This paper is meant to capture your thoughts as to how you are proceeding with the simulation as well as reflecting back upon your actions so that we may learn from any mistakes. I do not care about the format, just the content (FYI, headings throughout the paper make it much easier to read). Type size, type font, margins single-/double-spaced are all irrelevant to me, as I am grading solely on the quality of your explanations of your decisions.

I don’t have any set page-length in mind but I would argue that for this assignment, if you spent a paragraph or two on every quarter, you probably wouldn’t be supplying me with an extensive analysis of your simulation decisions/results. For comparison, decent papers average 12 pages, double-spaced.

For each of the six quarters you need to extensively address the following:

  1. Major decisions made for this quarter (what did you do?) and most importantly a thorough explanation as to why each decision was made (why did you do it?)
  2. After you receive the simulation results for each quarter, describe your company’s results in depth (how did it turn out?) – I want you to analyze to find opportunities in your performance with respect to:

a) Brand/ad/price judgments for each product

b) Number of sales force per market per product

c) Number of ads per product per market

d) Major Competitors’ results for the above

e) Balanced scorecard results

So, reflecting upon your strategy, detail the changes you would make to your strategic decisions and explain why this would improve your strategy and results (what did you learn from these results and how can you improve your decision making strategies for next quarter?).

We will combine Q1 and Q2 since there are no results to discuss for Q1. Therefore your paper should have five sections to it (Q1+Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6). Each of these sections will constitute 10 of the 50 points.

Papers covering all six quarters are due Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 11:59pm.

Papers will automatically lose 10 points per hour past the deadline

(1-60 minutes late = 10 point penalty).

Papers must be turned in through our MKT 300 Blackboard site. Near the end of the class, I will post a link for the assignment on Blackboard. To turn in the assignment, go to Blackboard and then “Course Documents.” There you’ll see a link to the Simulation Paper assignment. Click this. You’ll see “1. Assignment Information.” Next is “2. Assignment Materials” – scroll down to “Attach File.” Click “Browse My Computer” to attach your Word document. After your file is attached, scroll down to “3. Submit.” Then make sure you click submit.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Picture yourself in front of a board of directors to explain how you’re spending their money. They want in-depth explanations of why you’re doing what you’re doing. SO DO I. You need to sell me on your strategic thought process.
  2. Failure to thoroughly discuss how your competitors’ actions affect your actions will kill your score.
  3. Write your paper as you go! This will generate a much stronger paper…

All paper submissions will analyzed for plagiarism by the SafeAssign software through Blackboard. FYI, my SafeAssign database has thousands of papers. If yours is determined to be plagiarized in any way, this will not result in a 0/50 for the paper, but rather a penalty up to and including a grade of XE for the entire course, regardless of your exam performance. Plus you will get to meet with the Dean of Academic Affairs; he will be handling all academic improprieties as this will be out of my hands. In short, you are far better off not turning in a paper and taking a zero than turning in a paper that in any way has borrowed from a different source. I cannot be clearer about this

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Using what you have learned about immigration, research and write your own propo

Using what you have learned about immigration, research and write your own proposal for immigration reform in the United States. In the essay you should explain why you think your solution is the best solution and address any possible objections others may pose to your idea. Your plan and information should be based on facts and evidence from reliable sources.Your essay must be at least 5 paragraphs long. In addition, you must complete  an engaging presentation describing your plan. The format for your essay is outlined on the attachment.You must address every area below:
Your plan must address how the children of immigrants, who may have come here with or without their consent are handled
Your plan must address how the increase or decrease in the number of immigrants to the United States, will affect our communities
Your plan must address if everyone who wants to enter the United States will have the right to do so
Your plan must address whether you allow people to come to the United States who do not want to become full citizens
Your plan must address if increasing immigration numbers poses a security risk to the United States, and how you will handle the increased risks
Your plan must address how your immigration policy will affect the United States’ reputation around the world
Your plan must address how or if the diversity of views and opinions brought in by new immigrant populations will help or hurt the United States
Your plan must address if the increase or decrease in immigrants allowed into the country will bring in more skilled or unskilled workers to the United States? In addition,  you must address if you think this matters and why or why not?
A citation page must be included at the end of your essay ( I would send attachments if needed )

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Competencies Create a research question for a study that will help fill a gap an

Create a research question for a study that will help fill a gap and provide benefits in a field.
Design a research strategy in order to answer a research question.
Evaluate research and data that can help answer the research question and support a hypothesis.
Draft a paper that answers the research question based on findings.
Revise research and writing based on feedback.
Compose a report inclusive of research and data analysis.
You have received your master’s degree and now have a job in your field. Your boss has encouraged you to do research on a topic in your field and write a scholarly paper for publication. You remember that you took a graduate course in Research and Writing, in which you already did some work on a research question you have always been interested in. This will be an opportunity for you to pursue that research question in more detail and put everything together in a scholarly paper.
Create a research question you are interested in, conduct the research to answer that question, and write a complete scholarly paper on your question. This paper should contain the following sections:
An introductory section that explains your research question, your purpose, and how your paper fills a deficiency or gap in the research. Also explain any limitations to your study and how you dealt with any potential ethical issues.
A section reviewing the current literature on this topic.  This section should discuss as least five relevant and current articles related to your research question.
A section on the methods you followed to perform your research.
A section on data collection and analysis.
A section that details your findings.
A concluding section that evaluates the usefulness of your study and any practical implications it has.
For writing assistance, please visit the Rasmussen College Writing Guide.
For help with APA, visit the Rasmussen College APA Guide.
Library databases such as the following are great resources for this project:
Health Sciences
Health Sciences and Nursing via ProQuest
Business Source Complete
Business via ProQuest
Another database that you may be interested in knowing about is ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.  You can view original research, view research design, data gathering techniques, e

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Create a research question for a study that will help fill a gap an appeared first on

Topic 5 DQ 1 (2 different responses Evaluate how social factors, such as persona

Topic 5 DQ 1 (2 different responses Evaluate how social factors, such as personal or professional values, influence both individual and population health. How does your worldview influence the way you provide health care at both the individual and population level? Provide examples and relevant literature to support your response.

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follow instructions Unit VI Case Study Most would agree that parenting is a life

follow instructions
Unit VI Case Study
Most would agree that parenting is a lifelong job. The parent’s obligations begin once the baby is conceived and seemingly never end, even after his or her child becomes an adult.
Suppose that you are the parent in each of the following scenarios. Based on what you have learned from this unit’s materials, answer the following questions for each scenario by explaining how you would effectively handle each situation.
Note: While it is understood different people and even entire cultures have different parenting styles, your answers should be based on the research and theories presented in this unit.
Describe the stage of cognitive development of the child in each scenario.
Explain how you would address the child and the situation. Will you use punishment in any of the situations? What tactics would be the most useful considering your child’s level of cognitive development?
Scenario 1: Jimmy screams when the batteries die on his Avengers motorcycle. Previously, his mother had been able to put the motorcycle away and have Jimmy immediately engage in playing with something else. However, she has noticed that he is not doing that this time. He continues to scream even though the motorcycle has been put in a drawer. As his parent, how would you respond?
Scenario 2: An 8-year-old boy and his 10-year-old brother are told to share three cans of soda pop. The 8-year-old becomes angry when his 10-year-old brother takes two of the cans and gives the 8-year-old only one can. The 10-year-old grabs two glasses and pours one soda into the two glasses and gives it to the 8-year-old. Everything is fine now as they both have two soda pop drinks. How do you address each child?
Scenario 3: Your 21-year-old daughter comes home from college and excitedly shares that she is quitting school to invest more time in her social media career. In fact, she reveals that she will be quitting school, despite only having 1 year left to complete her bachelor’s degree. (She does not see the need for her degree any longer, as her Instagram followers have increased exponentially since she has begun doing some of the popular Tik Tok challenges.) She has decided to throw away her former career plans and become a full-time social media influencer. Now, her life is all set! (What is your reaction?)
Your combined answers for each scenario must be at least 150 words, for a minimum of 450 words for the entire assignment (not including the title and reference pages).
Your answers should include an insightful and thorough analysis and present a strong argument with evidence. You must use at least one source to support your analysis. This may be your textbook or another scholarly source. All sources used will be properly cited. Your case study, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

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Unit VI Case Study
Most would agree that parenting is a life appeared first on

Have you experienced fear or disappointment and, after reflecting on the experie

Have you experienced fear or disappointment and, after reflecting on the experience, realized that your anxiety or performance was affected by the unknown rather than the known? Knowing and understanding the realities of any situation or expectation allows you to prepare accordingly. According to Marshall et al., (2017), one out of two doctoral students will not complete their capstone. They conducted a qualitative study to understand the factors that contributed to the delay or expedited completion of the capstone among doctoral students.
One of their findings was that some doctoral students had unrealistic expectations of the capstone. They did not understand what the dissertation or capstone involved or how much time it took, for example. Rather than use these findings to add to your anxiety, fear, or pessimism, what if you instead used them to align expectations with reality? By doing so, you can set yourself up for success through foresight and planning.
In this Discussion, you reflect on what you have learned in this course while realistically examining myths and actual expectations in order to have a clearer view of the path ahead.
To Prepare
Read the Marshall et al. (2017) article and review their findings.
Post a response to the following:
**Explain how you will manage your expectations throughout your doctoral journey. As part of this analysis, be specific about your expectations for growth in each of these areas:
*Doctoral coursework
*Scholarly writing
*Empirical research
*Capstone or dissertation progress
**In 1–2 brief sentences, describe the myths you had or have about the DSW capstone project.
**Explain how these myths have been debunked (or not) after learning more about a DSW capstone project.
**In 3 sentences, describe at least two lessons you learned from reviewing and learning more about the published DSW capstone that will assist you in planning for your own.
**In 2 sentences, post a reflection on one or more of the following:
Reflect on your learning by explaining what new knowledge surprised you.
Share challenges and best practices that you have discovered.
Ask questions to learn tips or strategies from your colleagues.
Discuss other items relevant to the topics covered in the past 6 weeks.
Capstone Topic: Reducing Recidivism of people on probation and parole.

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Often times there are so many variables involved in a study that it is difficult

Often times there are so many variables involved in a study that it is difficult to distinguish “causes”. For example, there is the belief that “smoking causes lung cancer”. I tend to believe this myself but my own mother was a chain smoker and never developed lung cancer. There are many other variables that might affect the outcome of lung cancer such as working conditions, heredity, diet, etc.
It is too hard to account for every “factor” in these circumstances so we might just focus on one such as studying lung cancer patients and asking them if they smoked or not.
In this discussion, you are going to come up with some example of the binomial probability distribution. Remember our definition:
Def: Binomial probability distribution
1. procedure has fixed # of trials
2. trials must be independent
3. each trial must have all outcomes classified into 2 categories
4. probabilities must remain constant for each trial
For example, we interview 50 lung cancer patients (fixed # of trials). They come from all occupations and parts of the state (independence). Either they smoked or did not smoke (2 categories). If 15% of the population smokes then the probability would remain constant for each trial equaling 15% or 0.15. This would meet the conditions for a binomial probability distribution.
Come up with your own examples of a binomial probability distribution. It can be made up, you do not need actual numbers.
Post (1) substantial initial post with a minimum of 275 words. All posts and replies must contain at least (2) professional references, one may be the course textbook, properly cited in the current APA format. Our class textbook is: Brase, C.H. (2018). Understandable statistics: Concepts and methods (12 ed.). Boston, MA:
Cengage Learning.

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consumer products

consumer products

CONSUMER HEALTHCARE DIVISION of Allstar Brands, looked across the table at her category and brand managers. She had a determined look. “Our sales in our traditional markets of Western Europe, North America, and Australia are performing well. But

these markets are mature with lots of competition and aging, slow growing populations. On the other hand, we’ve been too slow in developing our business in the newly emergent economies around the world, such as the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Our board believes, and I agree, that to generate the kind of growth needed to drive our stock price, we need to develop a stronger market presence in these types of countries. Our plans will be rolled out on a regional basis, with Latin America and Asia being the first two regions to consider. What I need from you is an analysis of these regional markets and a plan of entry. You need to tell me where we should be, when we should be there, and how we will need to manage the business. I want us to be in at least one country in the region next year. Each of you has been assigned one of these regions and I’ve provided you with some background information to get you started.” Allstar Brands Allstar Brands is a multi-national consumer products company that produces and sells ethical (prescription) pharmaceuticals, OTC (over-the-counter or nonprescription) drugs, and consumer products. It is an $8.9 billion firm that was formed in 1924 and competes with a variety of larger and smaller firms, depending on the product market. It has a number of leading brands in various product categories, including (in the OTC division) Allround, the leading liquid cold remedy in North America, and Zemlef, a heartburn remedy soon to be converted from prescription to OTC status. The consumer products division includes various types of packaged goods: hand and beauty soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. Over the years, it has expanded its product category width through internal new product development and acquisition of brands and companies around the globe. The company had been historically organized into three divisions (Ethical Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, and International), but recently reorganized into a global product management structure with three major divisions (Ethical Drugs, Consumer Healthcare, and Consumer Products). A group of category managers exists within each division. For example, the Consumer Healthcare division has an oral care category manager, a vision care category manager, etc. Most major brands also have their own brand manager who reports to the category manager. Under the new structure, each division is responsible for its own international operations and, to some extent at least, can pick the products and categories to pursue internationally. The country managers are responsible for the selection and marketing of products in a particular country. Figure 1 illustrates this organizational structure.


Latin America Case —15—

Figure 1: Organizational Structure of Allstar Brands


Ethical Drugs Consumer Healthcare Consumer Products

Product Categories

International Operations

Home Operations


Category Europe

Latin America



Toothpaste Asia



Country Management

World Toothpaste Market Current world toothpaste sales total approximately $20 billion. The largest country market for toothpaste is the United States, with $3.4 billion spent during the past year. A number of firms produce and/or market toothpaste in the world market. Table 1 lists the five major producers of toothpaste for the world market, including Allstar Brands. Not all global brands or global competitors will be represented in every market, and some markets might include brands produced by local firms. These local brands may have a minor or major share of the market, depending on the country. Table 1: World Toothpaste Producers with Major Brands

COMPANY NAME WORLD SALES (% of world market)


Allstar Brands 13 Allsmile

B & B Healthcare 15 Britesmile Bancav

Caremore Company 21 Clean & White Caregate Driscol Corporation 10 Dentacare Evers Consumer 7 Eversmile

Toothpaste is available in a number of sizes, delivery systems, textures (paste or gel), and formulations. The basic toothpaste product is a paste or gel with flavoring and one or more active ingredients that provide specific benefits to consumers. Research has identified four key consumer segments in markets around the world based on benefits sought:

1) Economy: basic cavity protection at a low price 2) White: seeks whiter teeth 3) Healthy: tartar control and disease prevention for healthy teeth 4) Kids: seeks a good tasting product that appeals to children

—16— CountryManager Student Manual

Consumers purchase different formulations based on the benefits they seek and their purchasing ability. The benefit segments also link to demographics. For example, families with children often focus on decay prevention; young singles are typically more interested in whiteness; those in middle age are concerned with tartar and gingivitis; and children find taste of the toothpaste to be a primary feature. Similarly, the appeal of certain attributes may differ among consumer groups. For example, pump dispensers add convenience and may be a novelty for children but are more expensive to produce than tubes. Also, single people might prefer the convenience of smaller package sizes, whereas families may prefer a larger package which is typically more economical on a cost per gram basis. A general description of these variations in the United States market is listed below. Not all companies produce all possible combinations. Table 2: Toothpaste Packaging and Formulation Variations

Sizes Delivery Systems Texture Descriptions (Benefit /Ingredient)*

Small (25g) Tube Paste Economy is a basic formulation for prevention of dental cavities.

Medium (75g) Pump Gel White formulation contains hydrogen peroxide for whitening and prevention of gingivitis.

Large (150g) Healthy contains baking soda for tartar control.

Kids contains special flavorings to appeal to children.

*All formulations contain fluoride. Country Analysis Latin America is a region of great potential. Its population of over 500 million is 50 percent larger than that of the United States and Canada combined. The region has a history of having been politically unstable and has had many weak economies characterized by low growth, high inflation, and a reluctance to take tough economic actions to correct these problems. The dominant national language across Mexico and Central and South America is Spanish, except for Brazil, where the primary language is Portuguese. Some portions of the population in many South American countries speak one or more native Indian languages. Kay’s team scoured the Internet for additional sources of data and came across a site maintained by the CIA. “Our tax dollars at work!” Kay exclaimed. Tables 3 and 4 (shown next) compare economic and social characteristics of the home market and the scenario markets under consideration.

Latin America Case —17—

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