Biology claas

150 words per question and apa cited and referenced
1. There are several ways chemicals move within the cell. At times they use passive transport and at times they use active transport. Discuss the types of passive of transport, explaining how each works. Be sure to use gradient, concentration and ATP energy in your answer.
2. Explain what is involved with the fluid mosaic model of the cell. In addition, specify which macromolecules are involved and describe the role(s) associated with them.
3. ATP plays a major role in life’s processes. Explain how the sodium-potassium pump plays a role in secondary active transport.
4. Explain which eukaryotic organelle you think is the most critical to the cell.

5. Describe three similarities and three differences of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
6. If a cell has 100,000,000 water molecules inside and it is placed in a tube with 50,000,000 water molecules, predict and explain what will happen to the cell.
7. A battle between an amoeba and a single-celled protist, chilomonas ensues. The amoeba wins, but the large piece of chilomonas is too big to pass through the plasma membrane of the amoeba to eat. Describe the process by which the amoeba absorbs and digests the chilomonas.
8. Endocytosis involves the bulk movement of materials into the cell. Describe the form of endocytosis that involves the movement of large amount of liquid into the cell.

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