Aviation Information Technology

Aviation Information Technology

Project description
1. Explain the types and roles of Airlines
2. Analyse the historical perspective pre e-Commerce of Airlines
3. Analyse the components of a package holiday and the trend towards more flexibility
4. Analyse how airlines and tour operators interact with each other and other intermediaries within the tourism industry.
5. Evaluate how the nature of the respective industry has changed over the last thirty years providing an explanation for Airlines

Assessment briefing:

The BBC Travel Editor Debbie Scott is very interested in the technology trends that have affected the travel and tourism industry including the airline industry. The

BBC Travel Team wants to make use of your expertise in this area and want to know how technology has played its part in inclusive tour operations and airline seat

sales and accessibility.

You will be required to write a formal report for the BBC Travel Editor which takes into account criteria 1 – 5. The format of the report must be formal and you should

refer to the University of West London report writing guidelines. Ensure you research report formats and use the UWL recommended format.

The report must demonstrate how either airlines or tour operators depending on your specialism, have grown, developed, changed with the advent of technology.

Reference must be made to the package holiday and wider increase in passenger choice and flexibility. Key definitions should be provided and explained and terminology

used in both lectures and seminars applied to your report.