Analysis and Reflection on Role as Anaesthetic Nurse

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The purpose of this assessment is to critically analyse your roles and responsibilities as an Anaesthetic nurse in this situation: You will need to consider:
legal and ethical aspects of nursing care.
Best practice guidelines such as ACORN
Professional development issues
A 20 year old male has been rushed into your OT for emergency surgery following a MVA. He has sustained multiple fractures a lacerated liver and a closed head injury. He has already lost 2.5 litres of blood and Massive Transfusion protocol has been iniated.
Just as the patient is being taken into the OT his parents arrive and inform both you and the Anaesthetist that the patient is a Jehovah Witness and cannot receive blood products.
As the operation commences the patient
loses a further 800mls of blood and haemoglobin falls to 69 and is in respiratory acidosis. The anaesthetist decided to transfuse the patient with 4 units of whole blood and 6 units of Fresh Frozen plasma as per transfusion protocol. The anaesthetist asks you to run to blood bank to collect.
Identify the potential issues involved in this scenario and analyse your role and responsibilities as an Anaesthetic Nurse.