Administration of Justice

Class: Administration of Justice 15 – Police Supervision
Book: "Supervising Police Personnel: The Fifteen Responsibilities"

• It takes a lot of vitality to be a successful leader

• Stress is a demand for change

• Stress is a natural phenomenon

• When stress is mismanaged it can be harmful

• There are three sources of stress: (1) personal, (2) environmental, and (3) organizational

• There are fours types of stress: (1) hyperstress, (2) hypostress, (3) eustress, and (4) distress

• Due to the very nature of the job a police supervisor is assured of experiencing all four types of stress-especially hyperstress

• Distress can seriously reduce the effectiveness of a police supervisor

• The police supervisor has to have a keen eye and be alert for signs of stress

• A wellness plan is essential so that stress level do not reach harmful levels

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: After reading Chapter 9, please answer the following essay questions. You will be graded on the thoroughness of your responses. Please rewrite the question first (copy/paste) and then provide an answer.

1. 1. List the four types of stress. Discuss the effects they have on us.


2. Pick three episodic non-work related stressors and three episodic work related stressors and discuss each. How are they related?

3. Discuss the concept of "Maintaining Your Vitality." From the six strategies select at least one point from each that you would use to combat distress.

4. Discuss the three sources of stress. What role does the police supervisor play, if able, in limiting these?