Essay report

explain how multiculturalism and diversity present challenges and opportunities for the american criminal justice system

Essay report

what do you think are the three or four most common ethical problems/concerns found in mid-size or large organizations?  What would you say are the two or three best ways for leaders to deal with those issues?



Improvment of Educational System

Write a 500-word commentary on how to improve the educational system so that it is more socially just.

Be sure to:

1. Use two academic sources to support your argument. Source should NOT be from the subfield of community psychology but can be from any of the following subdisciplines of psychology (social, educational, neuroscience, developmental or organizational).

2. include “Shame of the Nation” in your paper.


A very old man with enormous wing’s literary analysis

This is a literary analysis of the short story – “A very old man with enormous wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Please start the essay with introduction, then the arguements supported by examples from the text and there should be three paragraphs with three mini arguements which contribute to the one main arguement. After that there should be a conclusive paragraph with the thesis which is supported by the arguements made throughout the essay.

medical marijuana

i will send you detailed stuff.
Its sociology class and i am writing about conflicts between legalizing medical marijuana



Complete the Linda Hill reading, then reflect upon your use of networks in a business or academic environment to date.(we can use an academic environment setting, like back in undergraduate class and so on ) How would you rate yourself on building strategic and operational networks? Did you build them consciously or unconsciously? What strategies did you use to build them?  How do you think you could have improved your networks?

In this discussion, I will be looking for evidence that you are able to critically assess the reading and relate the content to your personal context. Your individual participation will be assessed according to the level of your engagement in the discussion space and your ability to translate and synthesize content from the readings and your peers.

What is the effect of the community on the individual?

Write an essay in which you answer the first essential question of this unit:

What is the effect of the community on the individual?

Use evidence (quotes, summaries) from the readings you have done so far:
“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
The Crucible
“Why My Mother Wants Me Dead”
Use at least a 5-paragraph structure for your essay. This means
Introductory Paragraph
Body Point/Example #1 Paragraph
Body Point/Example #2 Paragraph
Body Point/Example #3 Paragraph
Concluding Paragraph
You are allowed to include more than 3 Body Points/Example paragraphs
As always, spelling & grammar counts.