Essay report

Based on what you have learned throughout your time in EIL, put together a document that outlines your personal leadership. Your portfolio should include:
• Individual Leadership Mission Statement: This will be an opportunity for you to clearly state why the study of leadership is important to you and how you hope to use this experience in the future.
• Leadership Autobiography: Discuss a leadership experience that you have had in your life that has shaped and influenced your concept of leadership and your role as a leader.
• Leadership Goals: Discuss a detailed plan of how you plan to take advantage of the leadership opportunities that are presented to you throughout college. Your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.
Your portfolio should a minimum of 2 pages in length, in 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced. Please make sure your paper includes your name.

Reflection Paper

This will be a Master Degree level paper. It is a reflection of course work done over an 18 month time period.
This paper will include and cited properly some of my previous course work attached.
Paper will indicate whether you or I have an understanding of all 9 courses successfully completed.
Any questions or concerns please ask, don’t guess, ask me.

Research paper

1- First, research and then briefly describe 2-3 events or social, cultural, economic, and/or political developments that may have inspired this article.
then, in a short essay (for inclusion in the portfolio), respond to the following question:
Why might these events and/or developments have influenced the author to write this piece? (1 ½ – 2 Pages)
Garrett Leslie. “You Can Do It, Baby!” Aeon Magazine. 17 July 2015. Web
For this article
Annotated Bibliography (4 pieces–excluding the primary article)
he writer must include a Works Cited. References, or Bibliography containing at least 3 secondary sources other than the primary article.
In addition, the writer must include at least 3 references to 3 different souces listed in the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography.
The writer may also include material from the primary article.
At least 1 of these references must be incorporated in a block quotation.

so you need to find 3 credible articles and used this Garrett Leslie. “You Can Do It, Baby!” Aeon Magazine. 17 July 2015. Web so they going to be 4 all article. and 1 to 2 pages and one summary page for each article from the three you find.

offers solutions to the national debt problem. You should combine your own research with what has been covered in class. Explain why your solution(s) are best.

Prompt: The national debt is now over 19.9 Trillion Dollars. It is expected to continue to rise well into the future. Most economists argue that unless something is done the debt will likely suppress economic growth in the future. Your assignment is to write a paper that offers solutions to the national debt problem. You should combine your own research with what has been covered in class. Explain why your solution(s) are best. Describe any potential problems with your solution(s), and explain why it has not been adopted yet. Your paper should be at least 450 words and no more than 650 words. All references should be cited properly, with a MINIMUM of three!!!

638 ways to kill Castro review

Turn in a three-page review of a feature film or documentary (at least one hour in length), explaining the film and how it relates to specific aspects of the course material. You may use a film that’s been assigned for the class (intro to latin american history)

Essay report

Write a 3 page paper about the Las Vegas Gerson Park Kingsmen Gang

I have an essay question about history

B. One of the biggest political issues in this era is the tension between state and national power. How does the relationship between the states and the national government evolve from the time of the Articles of Confederation to the Jacksonian Era? Explain every major step in this process. Do you agree with Jackson or with Calhoun on the issue of nullification? Explain the crisis, which of the two you believe was right, and why states should or should not have the right of nullification using specific examples

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Your claim sentence should be the first sentence. Example: “FDR is considered one of the greatest presidents because__________.” Just one reason. It sets up your paragraph and lets the reader know exactly the subject of your paragraph.
After that, you need evidence proving your claim-one or two pieces at most. Evidence can come in the form or a hard researched fact, a quote, or statistics. Evidence needs to be something that can be proven-it is not an opinion.
The last part of your essay-at least 2-3 sentences-should be explaining how your evidence proves your claim.
Below are a few items to keep in mind:
• Do not plagiarize. You work needs to be in your own words.
• You will need to cite your sources.
• Avoid using 1st person in formal writing.
• Proofread